May 24, 2024

Transforming Olympic and Paralympic sports

The UK's Olympic and Paralympic system is one of the most exceptional in the world, and we are proud of our combined success, enabling sporting moments that enrich lives.

But we know that we need to keep an eye on what's to come and plan ahead. A complex business environment, pressures on leadership, concerns about financial health and related issues, particularly among young people, are some of the challenges facing British Olympic and Paralympic sport.

What is the main layout of the system?

Master planning of the system It is a change agenda developed by leaders of Olympic and Paralympic sport, which seeks to address these issues and identify areas for reform.

In doing so, we will be better positioned to protect our future – and continue to reach, inspire and unite the nation.

What are the main stages of system master planning work?

1. The issue of change – Defining the challenge and identifying reform recommendations (November 2022 – June 2023)
2. Plan for change – Defining the scope of solutions, agreeing on options and identifying resources (July 2023 – December 2024)
3. Implementing change – Implementation of the agreed “System Master Plan” (2025+)

What are the recommendations for change?

Facilitated by UK Sport, British Olympic and Paralympic Sport leaders along with national agencies (Sport England, Sport Wales, Sport Scotland, Sport Northern Ireland) identified the following themes and recommendations for change:

Working closely with all partners, the project will explore in greater detail each of these recommendations and map out options for the future by the end of 2024.

Operational efficiency

  • System-level protection strategy for organized sport (from grassroots to elite)
  • Unified corporate services including digital and data – transforming the service capabilities of our sports ecosystem (HR, finance, legal, IT etc.), to become more effective and efficient
  • Standardized Performance Operations – ie: a specialized, focused organization that delivers the performance benefits of some global sporting programmes, such as shared expertise, increased stability and improved efficiency
  • Specialized Major Events Unit
  • Understanding health organizations as part of the collective

Relevance, commitment and revenue

  • Serving a central fan base to drive professional storytelling for Olympic and Paralympic sports in order to drive operations and engagement
  • Unify fan data across all partners
  • Build fan engagement in a unified way
  • Review the national and international events calendar and wider major event opportunities

Structural alignment and integration

  • National agencies are more aligned to reduce complexity across the sports system
  • Structures are more fluid within and between sports across the UK

“People” system.

  • A single brand identity to attract and develop our people
  • Personalized services for people
  • Create an intentional network

One system, one team

  • A shared vision, purpose and objectives for a sustainable and prosperous system, aligned with sports councils and other national agencies

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