March 1, 2024

This is how Grizzlys Wolfsburg wants to write ice hockey history

This is how Grizzlys Wolfsburg wants to write ice hockey history

They have actually competed in the finals three times for a German ice hockey title. But Grizzlies Wolfsburg has never been closer! Only one win from a maximum of two games is missing. Lower Saxony will play its first match ball against Ispran Berlin on Wednesday (7.30pm, live on Sport1) in their own courtroom. As the Best Five (2011) or Best Seven (2016 and 2017), the Grizzlys’ final series was longer, but they lost one match against Eisbären in 2011 and later against Munich.


Wolfsburg has never been more abroad than this year. In addition to the North and South groups, this time they start in sixth place. In 2011 they were first, they were suspended by Berlin III, who started the season as the favorites, losing three games in a row. In 2016 and 2017, Munich was the main winner of the tour and first favorite, and the Grizzlys marched to the series finals in fifth and fourth places. This time they turned their favorite Mannheim, second-place favorite, Munich, and gave up early, now Berlin against the third-place favorite.

The Grizzlys, who had to shiver multiple times this season to participate in playoff matches, had nothing to lose. They wanted at least the quarter-finals, and the goal was met. You are indeed a winner. But now they want everything. “The last step is the biggest. We want to put it together,” says Charlie Flegove, the director of Lower Saxony.

Looks like: Last home game for an “incredible” player

Plan for that. “It’s no different than usual,” said coach Pat Cortina, who has now won a lot of respect from the fans, with whom he has had a tough time for a long time.. “We have to be here and now, just think of this next match, and be mentally strong like last time and be smart with the disc. And strong again in the defensive zone.” Because it’s not only clear to him: “Berlin has superb offensive properties.” Mannheim to dismiss former Grizzlies coach Pavel Gross was a great piece, and now Courtenina can do with Wolfsburg, which Gross has failed three times. Be a hero with Wolfsburg. By the way, in the case of vultures, house grace is crooked.

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After the finish against the Grizzlys, Gross shouted fiercely against the league and planning the season. League – These are the clubs that, according to manager Charlie Flegoff, “unanimously” agreed to the start of the late season. Now, Mannheim’s sporting director Axel Alvara, who was once a top player for Wolfsburg under Gross, said in a TV interview, “The Eagles don’t stand behind those words. That’s his personal opinion.”

If all the players are fit, Wolfsburg will play in the same squad and with Dustin Strahlmeier in goal as they did on Sunday 3-2 in Berlin. Are they all suitable? “There is one or two question marks,” the coach says. However: there is always. Almost anyone who is ready to work will play. Physically and mentally, De Grizzles’ challenge will continue to be enormous. Someone is “incredible when you talk about mental strength” and “a great leader when it comes to fighting spirit:” Jeff Likens. Wednesday’s DEL 765 post may be the last. That would be the icing on the cake. In any case, it would be his last home game – in Germany, for Grizzlies. He ended his career. He who knows him knows: he hides it. He’s the man in the here and now, he says, “We want to win the game, that’s what matters!”

Cortina knows: “The ending is special, she gets a lot of messages, and more inquiries than usual. You may be less nervous before the match than usual. But during the game all that disappears. Then only the game is important.” Because: “The next game is the most important”, that’s the way of thinking, says goalkeeper Dustin Strahlmeier, who plays in the top playoffs. He sums up his feelings as follows: “I try to think from one part to the other, to help the players in the back, men help me, it is give and take. I don’t look at myself much, it is about that we as a team are winning.”

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Nijenhuis is very frustrated and very happy

Some Wolfsburg still wasn’t able to play and would keep their fingers crossed in the stands: Fabio Pfol (hand surgery) and Jan Nijenhuis, checked hard by Colton Jobke from Ingolstadt at the end of the main tour. Ryan Button is already in Canada, Jordan Boucher suspended. Neginhuis suffered a concussion. He says, “I’m fine.” BUT: He still has issues with high loads, so he’s now training very loosely. Fair gesture: Nijenhuis wrote culprit Jobke, who was banned due to Nijenhuis (19) scored Dell’s first goal after injury and I felt relieved. ”Of course very frustrated not being able to play. But I am also very happy to see how it goes on the ice. We deserve to be Where we are .. I hope the sack will be tied on Wednesday. ”How could such a change happen after a tough main round? The U-20 international has an apt explanation: “We knew from the start that we had quality, maybe it needed to find the way, even if given. We went through a lot of ups and downs, of course we were angry after the defeats, but our mood was never bad, we kept going Always together and that helps us a lot now. “