February 25, 2024

This is how you convert correctly

US shoe sizes are measured in inches. Americans use the old “imperial system,” and Europeans use the metric system. Most of the time, shoes in the USA are wider at the heel than in Europe.

The British also measure inches, but their measurements are different from Americans.

If you travel to London or New York or order from a British or American online store, a transfer is required.

The European to USA conversion is as follows: Measure your foot length in centimeters. Then add 1.5 to your foot length and divide this amount by 0.667.

Example: Add the number from 1.5 to 26 cm (corresponding to size 40) foot length. This results in a length of 27.5 cm. If you divide this value by 0.667, the result is a value of 41.22.

This approximately corresponds to a US size 41.

Calculating the British size is a little more complicated. The 26cm foot length used in the calculation example above is first divided by 2.54.

This gives you a value of 10.23 inches. Then multiply this value by three. This comes out to 30.7.

Subtract the number 25 from this. In this example this gives a value of 5.7. This means that when shopping in the UK you are looking for a shoe size 6, or a size 5.5 if available.

If you want to make it easier on yourself, you can simply look up the relevant conversion table online or save a picture of it to your cell phone before your trip.

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