May 19, 2024

An evening full of emotions and tears of joy

The voice is hoarse, the throat is slightly scratchy and these unbelievable feelings are repeated in every video that goes viral on social media.

Austria’s famous 6:7 after extra time against Canada left its mark on the writer of these lines. It’s even harder to find the right words for this scene.

That’s why exaggerations can abound at this point. Please forgive me. But the following question must be asked: What a wonderful game we experienced yesterday?

A great Test match became history in no time

Admittedly, the first 40 minutes felt like a friendly at best in front of 14,000 spectators.

On the one hand, the record world champion who sometimes played pants. An attempt to count how many times the Canadians accurately passed the puck to each other, which stuck to their sticks, failed more than once.

On the other hand, a brave Austria played within their abilities and managed to achieve some success here and there in good phases. But no one, literally no one, can predict what will happen in the final third.

Some people in the media gallery were already wondering what to write about this game. A true story doesn’t exactly suggest itself.

Instead, the crowd enjoyed the Radetzky March and a playlist of “Anton from Troll” and various Austrian classics. In between, Opus’ “Live is Life” was played exactly six times. This song is the Canadian goal song in this World Cup.

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If nothing is more beautiful than the Zillertal Wedding March

But suddenly the window got stuck. Instead, the Zillertal Wedding March sounded at the O2 Arena in Prague. Once, twice, thrice, four times, five times – there were no more beautiful sounds that evening.

The hall erupted when Marco Rossi lifted the disc under the crossbar at 6:6.

A few tears of joy were shed. Everyone in the fan stands was hugging each other and staring at the scoreboard with their mouths open in disbelief.

6:6. Five goals in three. The reigning champion vs. the reigning world champion. It always sounds surreal.

Anyone who wasn’t one of the lucky 14,000 to experience this historic game on site was in good hands with ORF. Commentator Daniel Warmuth screamed from the heart of every ice hockey fan.

His goal call would become part of Austrian television history.

Even if there is a slight downer due to the missed extra point, you can’t go back on the agenda. Team captain Roger Bader knew this and immediately gave his players the day off until Wednesday evening. To savor the moments, to sink into this feeling.

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Enjoy today and stay focused on the league tomorrow

Then the senses should be sharpened again. Of course, every point against a great nation was happily taken, with the real key games against Norway and Great Britain still to come.

These will be completely different games where the pressure will be significantly higher. As a result, as in the past, you may often appear somewhat inhibited.

But if the team focuses on its strengths, keeps the game simple against Switzerland and Canada, takes the confidence it gained and always believes in its chances – the goal of staying in the league should be good.

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