May 21, 2024

Lots of tourists and lots of pickpockets: here you have to be especially careful with your valuables

It happened quickly in the crowd: a pickpocket helped himself to the tourists’ valuables – without them noticing. (icon image)

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Places crowded with tourists are a prime target for pickpockets. The assessment shows which European cities and attractions are most frequently affected.

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  • A British travel insurance company analyzed the European countries most vulnerable to pickpocketing.
  • Italy has the most reported cases.
  • It is followed by France, Spain and Germany.
  • Where there are a lot of tourists, petty criminals have an easy time.

In fact, travelers just want to relax and unwind on vacation and not have to worry. But if you become a victim of theft, the anger will be great – and the joy will disappear. Because tourists have to put sightseeing aside to describe what happened to the police, block their credit card or report their passport stolen.

In large, crowded cities in Europe, where crowds of tourists are part of daily life, people are often reminded to take care of their valuables. But in times of chaos, this is easier said than done; Pickpockets have an easy time.

The assessment shows places where tourists are particularly robbed Quotas area. The British travel insurance company examined five of the most popular attractions in each of the ten most visited countries in Europe. For this purpose, the Company also analyzed visitors’ opinions, among other things.

The result shows: Italy is a stronghold of thieves. Pickpockets occur frequently at tourist attractions in Rome.

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Italy – stronghold of pickpockets

According to the analysis, 478 ads are produced in Italy for every million British visitors. Trevi Fountain is the place where most of the bags, mobile phones, etc. get lost. But the Colosseum and the Pantheon are also popular places for pickpockets.

Other than that, in Italy you also have to take good care of your things at Milan Cathedral and the Ovezen in Florence.

France, Spain and Germany are often affected

Behind Italy, there is another popular holiday destination for British travellers: France receives countless holiday guests every year. In total, 251 out of one million visitors said they had been robbed.

Anyone traveling to the capital, Paris, should be vigilant, especially around the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre Museum, and in front of Notre Dame Cathedral. This is where petty criminals like to take advantage of themselves.

France is followed by Spain and Germany, each of which recorded 111 cases per million travellers. Las Ramblas or Sagrada Familia park in Barcelona is very popular with pickpockets. In Madrid, most thefts are reported to the Spanish police at the Plaza Mayor and the Prado National Museum.

The Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag Building, the East Side Gallery and the Holocaust Memorial are some of Berlin’s hotspots.

Always be vigilant

When going on a trip to the city, you need to be especially careful. It’s best to leave valuables at the hotel and carry only what you need, recommends Greg Wilson, CEO of Quote Zone.

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“It’s important to always be vigilant, leave valuables like expensive jewelry in a hotel safe, and always take a secure bag with zippers to secure phones, wallets, or even a money belt,” Wilson advises.

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