May 21, 2024

Fäkt aims to bring science closer to students through videos

The Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) has launched a new program called FÄKT, which is dedicated to communicating science to young people and is present on different platforms such as Edutube, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Austria. FÄKT is an innovative science communication initiative that aims to reach young people as they actively exchange ideas. FÄKT is based on the idea of Andreas Bergthaler from MedUni Vienna and ÖAW’s CeMM, which organized a webinar series called “Breaking the Wave” on vaccination issues together with the Jungedrotkreuz during the pandemic. The channel aims to provide a trustworthy channel for quality-tested scientific content on common online video platforms and to become a central platform for science communication in Austria.

Professionally produced science videos feature outstanding researchers and their scientific work that has been quality tested in Austrian schools. The goal is not only to make scientific content accessible, but also to provide insight into the personalities behind the research and how scientific processes work.

Multiple video formats

FÄKT is implemented on two levels: on the one hand, there is Longer science videos are suitable for secondary school teaching on Edutube and closely align with the curriculum“, explained ÖAW President Heinz Fassmann in the presentation. There are also suitable accompanying materials for the lessons. Become another Short clips on the topics of the videos were distributed on social networking sitesTo highlight certain aspects in an entertaining way. There are also interactive formats such as Kids Ask Scientists, where users’ questions are answered in “interaction” videos.

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The project is presented by young hosts Miso Çak and Julia Winkler and funded by ÖAW. Federal Minister for Education, Science and Research, Martin Polaszek, supports the project as part of the “DNAustria” initiative, which aims to strengthen trust in science and democracy. Project costs financed by the Fund for the Future of Austria (FZÖ): €800,000.

Various thematic areas

The first videos cover various research topics, including the impact of artificial intelligence on energy consumption, climate change and the importance of the circular economy for sustainability. The researchers were selected by a jury from different institutions based on editorial criteria.

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