The new MMORPG shows off an amazing gameplay trailer and delights fans

Developer NPIXEL is currently happy its fans by releasing a gameplay trailer for the upcoming MMORPG Chrono Odyssey. Since the announcement of the multi-platform MMORPG 2020, the game has been quiet for a long time. The many voices on the play material are now more positive and make players’ hearts beat faster. We summarize the feedback for you.

What kind of game is this? Chrono Odyssey wants to be a next generation MMORPG for PC, Playstation 5 and Xbox. It already has the conditions for this in the form of Unreal Engine 5. At its core, you’re following the story of Idraiginn, a member of a special unit committed to fighting the Twelve Gods.

Check out the game demo here:

Chrono Odyssey – gameplay trailer

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How will the game trailer arrive? At colleagues (via The game makes a great impression just like its competitor PC MMORPG Bellatores. “No MMO has ever looked so epic,” the author writes.

Not only the graphics are praised, but also the game mechanics shown in the combat. Comments from other users in the Polish post confirm this view and read as follows:

  • User dreedzik writes: “Black Desert 2 on the Unreal Engine 5”.
  • “It actually looks pretty good, let’s see how it turns out,” says Metal69 user.

The gameplay clip for Chrono Odyssey pleases user SaikoDC on MeinMMO.

  • User SaikoDC says: “I really enjoyed the Chrono Odyssey trailer. With Unreal 5 very nice graphics and I also liked the style of landscapes and buildings a lot. […]”.

The colleagues from 3Djuegos go further (Via

  • Alberto Loria admits: “Before that […] Hours ago, the most epic rendering of an MMO I’ve seen in years was released.”

Is there negative criticism? Some users are expressing concerns about the developer, who previously focused on mobile games. Some criticize the action-packed combat system. However, for other people, the graphic style goes too far. Some influences in particular seem to split minds.

  • User Gumiaczek ( writes: “Why should these new games shine so brightly? It seems that the shield, or even the plain ground, has been smeared with some kind of oil. You will soon have to play these games with sunglasses.”

Additionally, the fanbase has concerns about the technical events of the graphic fireworks shown. User expresses doubts about game design:

  • User dzienciou ( warns: “100% fake MMO with hubs limited to a few people”

Ultimately, the release will only show where Chrono Odyssey will actually fit.

It’s also a matter of personal preference. As for the combat system, some users prefer the classic tab targeting system with a hotkey bar, while others like the action-packed gameplay similar to Black Desert Online.

The graphics are similar. In the end, everyone gets to decide for themselves if Chrono Odyssey applies too much polish to the shields, spills the rest away into the landscape or is just something that appeals to you personally.

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