February 24, 2024

Driving Mode will likely be turned off.

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Drivers beware: It looks like the so-called “driving mode” in Google Maps will soon be gone. No replacement is planned yet.

Silicon Valley – Google users will have to prepare for changes again in 2024. Drivers are especially affected. Because it's like the intelligence service 9to5Google According to reports, the latest version of Google Maps indicates that the so-called “driving mode” will be removed in 2024.

This is the enhanced user interface that is activated while driving. It appears that concrete indications of the dashboard being scrapped can be found in the code for the yet-to-be-published Google Maps version 14.52, which was developed by 9to5Google Decrypted.

From Driving Mode: Google Maps will likely stop driving assistants altogether

Google has been working on its driving assistants for a long time. Firstly, the online service introduced the so-called “Assistive Driving Mode Dashboard”. This included a home screen with a map, media suggestions, volume controls, and shortcuts for calls and text messages. This feature was intended to replace Android Auto, but was considered a deterioration by most users.

This service, which was already not entirely successful, was replaced by “Driving Mode” in 2022. Compared to the previous version, this is called up automatically after starting the navigation function and appears as a black bar at the bottom of the phone’s screen. It also has a smaller set of functions than its predecessor.

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The so-called “driving mode” in Google Maps will soon cease to exist. (Avatar) © Google LLC/dpa-tmn

However, it seems that Google was also not happy with the latest version and is canceling it now. For now, there probably won't be an alternative to this functionality. Since many cars now have interactive computers and navigation systems, there will be no need for this.

The end of Driving Assistant on Maps: Official confirmation from Google is still pending

9to5Google However, he confirms that there is still no official report from Google itself on this matter. In its report, the intelligence service only refers to the analysis of the application code. The service stressed in the letter that Google may never ship these features and that the interpretation of the data may be incomplete. Google users will also have to prepare for more changes in December: starting in December, the company will discontinue inactive accounts.

In 2019, a Google Maps error confused locals. The online mapping service was quickly renamed to Amper. The river has only been correctly identified in the application since November 2023. (Law)