June 24, 2024

Open Country - Arcade hunting game in May

Open Country – Arcade hunting game in May

Arcade hunting game

Open country He puts players in the hiking boots of a regular company employee yearning for change from his bleak life in the city. Wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city, players and their dog face a new freedom to discover, survive alongside unruly wild animals, and enjoy the open spaces of their new lives.

Environments are available for players to discover and learn survival and hunting skills in parallel, including a third-person open world that ranges from beautiful plants to overgrown expanses of land. To become an outdoor professional, players can visit Gary at Snowridge Lodge or Park Ranger to complete more than 30 missions designed to test their newly acquired skills.

The main features of the game

  • explore – Wander the landscapes at your free time and try your hand on different missions while hone your survival skills
  • Hunt and stay alive Gently manage your supplies and go foraging and exercising
  • Prove your ability – By completing missions across the city, players can level up, get better weapons and equipment, take on more difficult missions and work hard to become an “outdoor expert”

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