June 22, 2024

New system update gives Wii U more stability • Eurogamer.de

New system update gives Wii U more stability • Eurogamer.de

  • There is a new update for the Wii U system.
  • This gives the console more stability
  • There are also tweaks to SSL validation

Surprise: The Wii U received a new system update from Nintendo in 2021.

And you can already guess what this update will do in detail.

To put it in Nintendo’s words: “Further improvements to the overall system stability and other minor tweaks have been made to improve usability.”

There you have it, more stability. Did I expect anything else? Anyway, this is the first console system update since September 2018.

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According to Nintendo Dataminer “OatmealDome”, there were no subtle changes regarding the beer program in Update 5.5.5.

Alternatively, Nintendo may have made some adjustments to the console’s SSL verification code, which is important for the embedded internet browser, for example.

Like I said, nothing important has changed in the new update, but it does show that Nintendo hasn’t completely forgotten the Wii U yet.

Nintendo’s focus is now entirely on the Switch, as the Nintendo 3DS is now discontinued. But it’s still enough here and there for some updates for older devices.

How are you at home? Have a Wii U and still have, are you still actively using it? Is it now on your shelf (or anywhere) or have you sold it? Or would you like to purchase another one in the future to make up for some of its posted titles? Of course, only if you don’t play them on the switch …

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