June 24, 2024

ChatGPT: The iOS version is now available in Germany

After North American users, we in Germany are now allowed to purchase the ChatGPT iOS app in the Apple App Store. Developer studio OpenAI announces expanded availability on Twitter. The AI ​​app launched on iPhones about a week ago, but only in the USA. A total of 11 more countries have been added. In addition to Germany, users of our neighboring country France, for example, also benefit. The service is free in the basic version and supports research, learning, and general questions.

ChatGPT lands on German iPhones

ChatGPT as an iPhone app
Open AI

If you want to use the famous OpenAI artificial intelligence on smartphones in this country, you will have to use a browser. That is now gone thanks to the wider deployment of the local app. At least on current iPhones, the software can now also be used in Germany via the Apple App Store communicate. An operating system from iOS 16.1 is required. This means that iPhone 8 or iPhone X cell phones are compatible. If you still have an iPhone 7 (2016 build year) or earlier, you will have to do without ChatGPT.

At 16.3MB, the app is fairly compact. The minimum age is 12 years. AI is only available in English. Therefore appropriate language skills are essential. In addition to Germany, ChatGPT for iOS is now available in France, Croatia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Albania, Jamaica, South Korea, New Zealand, Nigeria, and Nicaragua. Other areas to follow.

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Android version soon

Users with an Android smartphone will not have to wait long to get a compatible ChatGPT app. The developer studio confirms that a version of Google’s mobile operating system is in development. Should appear soon. The company has not yet set a specific date. ChatGPT has made a real fuss about artificial intelligence. Google did not want to be left behind and is working on a variant called Bard.

Europe’s artificial intelligence must be tamed with stricter rules.

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