May 21, 2024

Days Gone 2 may have been released a month early

Sony Bend is still disappointed that they didn’t stand a chance Day 2 gone To develop. The game could have been out for a month, the developer laments.

There was already a trailer for Days Gone 2, but it didn’t get the go-ahead from Sony. The main assumption is that Sony wasn’t really happy with the performance of the first part, despite several million copies sold for a new IP.

In response to yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase, which didn’t even announce a release Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Reports brought with her now Days passedGame director Jeff Ross via Twitter To speak, who have a little digging into a potential publication Day 2 gone indicates, which could have happened a long time ago. Instead, Sony Bend forces you to use a new multiplayer IP.

“I get a little depressed about these #PlayStationShowcase because it just reminds me that we could have released Days Gone 2 a month earlier if we stuck with it.”

Hope is diminishing

This again Day 2 gone It will become less likely by the day. Much of the team has now left the studio at the time, and anyway, it’s been quite a while since then. A circumstance that Sony doesn’t seem to care about, how to refill:

“It’s been a long time coming and over 90 people from the original team have left the studio. And Sony doesn’t seem to care.”

what one for Day 2 gone Planned, Sony Bend isn’t allowed to talk about it. It is enough just that you can “I wanted to make more use of the great world systems to create cool, emerging gameplay.”

If you now add in the players’ comments, you can probably say quite clearly that it was a mistake for Sony to give up IP again so quickly.

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