June 24, 2024

‘Diablo 4’, ‘Street Fighter 6’, ‘CityDriver’: New PC games in June 2023

With the hack and slash game “Diablo 4” and the fighting game “Street Fighter 6”, the two traditional game series enter a new round. Horror games “Amnesia: The Bunker” and “Layers of Fear” as well as the racing game “F1 23” are sequels to well-known titles. German publisher Aerosoft dares something new with its “CityDriver” driving simulator, which rewards driving according to traffic rules.

The fighting game ‘Street Fighter’ is getting an open world in its sixth sequel and will be released on June 2nd for Windows, PS4/5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Download demo (Windows).
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In “CityDriver” you drive a car, but no races. Instead of chasing the best times, you follow traffic rules, stop meticulously and fill up in between. Necessary driving practice can be gained in the training missions and in the traffic training area. Instead, you can venture straight into city traffic or onto the freeway and federal highway. For this purpose, Munich city center and some surrounding parts of the main roads were digitally reproduced. The cars themselves must also be reproduced in detail: from SUVs to sports cars, there are different classes of cars to choose from. In addition to combustion engines with manual or automatic transmissions, electric cars can also be driven. Random driving orders are intended to provide employment opportunities beyond free travel.

The success of shows that simulate idle driving certainly has admirers Euro truck simulator 2. Whether driving in ‘CityDriver’ is fun, whether AI-controlled road users behave sensibly Gameplay motives will be revealed on June 5th – then the title will be released for Windows on Steam.

After ten years, a successor to “Diablo 3” comes out in June – and returns to the roots of the series in several ways: the game world in “Diablo 4” is darker again and the druid celebrates the return of the playable character class. Nothing changes in the proven gameplay loop, so you defeat hordes of monsters hack and slash and receive equipment, items and experience points, which in turn make you stronger. New features for Part 4 include the Shared World, a multiplayer world map where you meet other players. This should always ensure variety, but experience has shown that it also encourages the emergence of a pay-to-win economy where fun benefits can be bought with real money. However, Diablo developer Blizzard maintains that only cosmetics are being sold.

Online heise hinted at a pre-public release of “Diablo 4” in March. The video above shows impressions of this. With the release on June 6, we will find out if the latest part of the hack-and-slash series meets the high expectations and if the vulnerabilities in the beta version have been modified. Until then, “Diablo 4” can be downloaded from Blizzard pre order.

who in Street Fighter 6 Roaming the open world, beating other townspeople and leveling up the game character with skill points feels like one Yakuza– compensation game. However, you can tell you didn’t make a mistake in the title when the camera switches to the familiar sideshow of the fights. Here, as usual, good reflexes and clever fingers are required to end the fight as the winner. The controls can be set according to your preference using three presets (“Classic”, “Modern” and “Dynamic”). If you’re not feeling the open world, you can easily take out one opponent after another in the “Battle Arena” or find human opponents in the “Battle Hub”.

“Street Fighter 6” will be released on June 2nd for Windows, Playstation 4/5 and Xbox Series X / S. One of them can be found on Steam playable offer Download, teaches you the basics of combat and contains the first sections of the game’s open world.

We’ve summarized these and other new PC games released in June in the following table:





Street Fighter 6

beat them

Windows, PS4/5, Xbox series


city ​​driver

driving simulator



Diablo 4

Hack and cutting

Windows, PS4/5, Xbox Series/One


Amnesia: The Crypt


Windows, PS4 and Xbox Series / One


Harmony: Fall of Imagination


Windows, PS5, Xbox Series, and Switch


Greyhill incident

action adventure

Windows, PS4/5, Xbox series


Layers of fear


Windows, PS5 and Xbox Series



racing game

Windows, PS4/5, Xbox Series/One


Park Beyond

construction strategy

Windows, PS5 and Xbox Series


Aliens: Dark Origin

Real time tactics

Windows, PS4/5, Xbox Series/One


Trepang 2

Ego shooter



Revival: Recolonization

turn strategy



The following gallery shows game highlights on PC as of May 2023:

Strategy simulation mechabellum It will be released on 05/11/2023.

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