September 29, 2023

The Hot Chip Challenge arrives in Swiss schools – 20 minutes

Tik Tok buzz

This chip is only available in the coffin – the chili challenge reaches Swiss schools

The hot chips challenge is going viral on Tiktok and Instagram. The chip in the coffin is now also available in Switzerland – for an impressive 12 francs. Boy are they buying it like crazy.


High percentage of the world’s hottest chili pepper: This slice costs 12 francs.

20 minutes / Ella Celik

  • Touch with gloves only: The Hot Chip challenge is currently trending on Tiktok.

  • Young people film themselves eating the world’s hottest chili pepper.

  • The Test of Courage has now arrived in Switzerland as well. The demand for the chip in the coffin is huge.

  • A resident of Winterthur says that the eleven-year-olds are already doing the challenge during the break.

There’s a social media trend taking over Switzerland: the hot chip challenge. The goal is to produce a tortilla chip that contains a high percentage of… Hottest chili pepper in the world To eat and photograph yourself. Videos of influencers taking a courage test are trending on Tiktok and Instagram.

Now he will One-way slide They are also sold in coffin-shaped packaging in Swiss shops – for an impressive 12 francs (see photo gallery). “It’s been a big hit with the boys. We’ve had the product in our collection for a month and already sell dozens of boxes a week,” says an employee at Sweets and Drinks in Spreitbach AG. Most of the customers are between 16 and 20.

But young people are also coming to the store because of this trend. “Lots of young teens come who want the slide. But we only sell it to 16 and up.” To avoid the age limit, some take their parents with them, according to the saleswoman. Other stores also confirm high demand. As you know 20 minutes, the product is sometimes offered to ages 14 and up.

Students eat chili flakes – and then the ambulance arrives

However, caution is advised when facing the challenge. This is illustrated by the case of the German school in Euskirchen. It is said that 15 students between the ages of 10 and 11 experienced severe abdominal pain and nausea after the hot chip challenge, forcing the school to call emergency services.

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According to the Czech manufacturer of Hot Chip, the product was never intended for children. “The target audience is adults.” This is why there is also a warning on the label. But after the incident in Germany, they want to take steps to improve it, says a 20 Minutes spokesperson.

“Tiktoker users do the challenge – that’s why everyone wants to copy it”

The courage test has already arrived in schools in Switzerland. According to an eleven-year-old student from Winterthur, it has been everywhere since shortly before the summer holidays. “Famous Tiktokers and YouTubers are doing this challenge. That’s why everyone wants to imitate him.” The students in his class had already tried the chip. “I only ate a very small piece of it and it was incredibly spicy.” Others cried after eating it and turned red.

The Swiss Teachers’ Association is not aware of the Hot Chip Challenge. According to President Dagmar Rösler, this does not mean that there cannot be isolated incidents. “I assume that the affected schools talked to their students about the dangers of such challenges.”

According to the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO), spicy foods are not explicitly regulated in food law. For example, there is no regulation stating that manufacturers or outlets must specify a minimum age or attach a warning. However, the seller must ensure that its product does not pose a risk to consumers when used as intended, says spokeswoman Sarah Kaminich. BLV notes that foods containing very high levels of capsaicin, such as hot pepper flakes, can irritate the mucous membranes in the digestive tract even in small amounts.

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