May 22, 2024

'I thought it was a hangover': British woman, 19, suffers headaches after festive break – then learns something shocking

Ella Beck's headache turns out to be much worse than expected. R


A British tourist suffers from a headache after her vacation. At first you assume it's waste. But everything is much worse than that.

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  • A British tourist suffers from a headache after her vacation.
  • At first you assume it's waste.
  • When we go to the doctor it turns out to be much worse.

The Greek island of Zakynthos, an idyllic paradise in the Ionian Sea, attracts many vacationers from all over the world every year. But for 19-year-old Ella Beck from Boston, Lincolnshire, England, her holiday there turned into an unexpected tragedy, as “sun” mentioned.

With her friends, she enjoyed the sun, sea and exciting nightlife that the island has to offer. But shortly after returning home, Ella began to feel unwell. She suffered from severe headaches and initially attributed these to excessive alcohol consumption during her stay.

“He had to have a wonderful holiday. “I think I felt very good for the first two or three nights,” Ella remembers. “We all had the best time.” But then her condition quickly deteriorated. “I felt terrible. Looking back now , I think I was definitely in a really bad situation.

An incurable brain tumor

Back in Boston, Ella's symptoms worsened. She was tormented by a severe migraine and the pressure in her head was almost unbearable. When her left eye suddenly started drifting inward, Ella became alarmed and immediately sought medical attention.

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An ophthalmologist immediately referred her to hospital, where a shocking diagnosis was made: an incurable and inoperable brain tumor was discovered, and Ella was diagnosed with only twelve months to live.

This was a shock to the young woman. Suddenly, she had to give up her dreams and future plans, including interviewing for her dream job as a cabin crew member at British Airways. But Ella decided to make the most of the time she had left and create as many memories as possible with her loved ones.

The problem with ILA lies in the location of the tumor, which makes accurate diagnosis difficult. A biopsy could leave her paralyzed. However, she underwent radiotherapy for six weeks in the hope of slowing the progression of the tumor. At least the last examination showed that the tumor remained stable after treatment and did not grow further.

Despite everything, Ella remains optimistic and continues to fight her disease. She tries to make the best of every situation and stay positive, even when the future is uncertain.