June 20, 2024

Giza Pyramids: Researchers have discovered a mysterious L-shaped structure


Ten meters longResearchers have discovered a mysterious structure near the Pyramid of Khufu

Ten by ten meters long and L-shaped, this is what an international research team found near the Pyramids of Giza. It’s still not clear what the matter is.

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  • An international research team has discovered a mysterious L-shaped structure near the Great Pyramid.

  • The structure consists of two connected parts: a flat area of ​​about ten by ten meters and a core structure.

  • Researchers suspect that it may be the entrance to an undiscovered tomb complex. Excavations are already underway.

The Pyramids of Giza are thousands of years old and still surprise us: An international team of researchers led by Motoyuki Sato of Tohoku University in Japan has discovered a mysterious structure under the Western Cemetery near the Great Pyramid.

What is known about the structure?

Not much yet. “We believe we have found an anomaly: a combination of a shallow structure connected to a deeper structure,” the researchers wrote in their study. The flat structure is L-shaped and measures about ten meters by ten metres. “It appears to have been filled with sand, which means it was filled in after construction,” the team said. “Maybe it was an entrance to a deeper structure.” Its depth reaches two meters as measured from the surface of the earth.

The primary structure is also about ten meters by ten meters in size and is located about five to ten meters below the surface.

How do researchers know this?

The team surveyed the area near the Great Pyramid using multiple imaging techniques. For example with ground radar and so-called electrical impedance tomography. The reason they examined the place where they found what they were looking for was that it was different from its surroundings: the place was located in the Westfriedhof, where there were several hundred terraces oriented from north to south (see box). Only in the middle of the area are above-ground remains. The researchers wanted to know: “Is there really something underground?”

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This is the name given to the tombs built by ancient Egyptian rulers for members of the royal family, dignitaries and officials in their empire. Masabas are above-ground rectangular stone or mudbrick structures with flat roofs covering the underground burial chambers and their vertical access shaft.

Do researchers have any doubts about what it could be?

Yes. According to Sato and his team, an as-yet-undiscovered tomb complex could exist beneath the mysterious open space. According to measurements, the deeper structure was a “high-resistivity anomaly”, indicating that it could be a mixture of sand and gravel or perhaps an air cavity. Due to the L-shape, researchers assume that it is not a natural structure, but rather a man-made one.

The team cannot yet explain why the structure is L-shaped and not rectangular, as is typical for a column or mastaba. The first excavation work is currently underway in the area near the pyramids in order to solve the mystery.

About two years ago, you were able to visit the Great Pyramid from your couch. This video gives a little glimpse into the virtual tour of the Great Pyramid.

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