July 15, 2024

Idalia: Hurricane is getting stronger – this is how the United States is preparing

Idalia: Hurricane is getting stronger – this is how the United States is preparing


Here the Idalia is racing toward Florida at 193 km/h

Idalia is now a full-blown hurricane and has already caused significant damage in western Cuba. It is expected to move over Florida on Wednesday as a Category 4 hurricane.


A view of Lido Key Beach as Hurricane Idalia approaches.

France Press agency

  • Hurricane Adalia is expected to hit Florida on Wednesday morning.

  • It is expected to reach class 4 out of 5, causing massive damage.

  • The affected areas have taken various measures.

Ahead of Hurricane Idalia’s expected arrival, Florida authorities are once again urging residents of threatened coastal areas He asked to escape. “You really have to leave now,” warned Gov. Ron DeSantis. “Now is the time.” By Tuesday evening (local time), Hurricane Idalia continued to gain strength over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and headed towards the US state of Florida with wind speeds of up to 177 kilometers per hour.

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Early Wednesday morning, the tropical cyclone may turn into a hurricane Category 4 (out of 5) You reach the west coast of Florida – with winds of at least 209 kilometers per hour. The US National Hurricane Center warned of “destructive, life-threatening” winds.

Floods in Cuba

Hurricane “Idalia” caused heavy rains in western Cuba since Monday. She came from the province of Pinar del Rio, which is famous for growing tobacco To severe floodsState media reported that more than 60 percent of the population was without electricity. Cuban Head of State Miguel Díaz-Canel said at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday that the priority was to restore energy supplies, the communications network and monitor agriculture. “Harvest all you can harvest and prepare for more rain,” he added. Cuban official media did not initially report any deaths or possible damage.

“drifting away”

In the community of Cedar Key, more than a dozen Florida State Police troopers went to homes to warn residents of storm surges of up to 15 feet (4.5 meters). Mayor Sue Coulson had a message to the nearly 900 people in the area who were under an evacuation order: “One word: stay away,” Coulson stressed. “It’s not something that was discussed.”

Governor DeSantis urged residents to listen to the authorities’ instructions. It is absolutely not necessary to leave the country immediately. He explained that it was sufficient to escape to safe accommodation in higher areas. “You can wait until the storm is over there, and then you can go home.” US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday at the White House that he spoke to DeSantis by phone and promised to provide him with any help he needed.

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Schools are closed

Tolls have been suspended on Florida highways that lead outside the danger zone. Emergency shelters have been opened and hotels are ready to receive evacuees. About 5,500 National Guardsmen were mobilized. Two of the region’s largest airports ceased operations, and many schools along Florida’s Gulf Coast were closed, as were many colleges and universities.

Eviction notices were issued for 22 districts, and were mandatory for certain people in eight districts. Those affected were those living in low-lying and coastal areas or those living in mobile homes, motorhomes and boats, as well as those who would be particularly vulnerable in the event of a power outage.

Hurricane Idalia is expected to move after arriving over Florida and bring heavy rains to the south of the neighboring state of Georgia and the states of North and South Carolina on Thursday. A state of emergency was declared in both states as a precautionary measure. This will enable the release of state funds for emergency relief and the mobilization of hundreds of National Guardsmen and other personnel.

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