September 29, 2023

The exploit is ruining the entire PvP scene – which is why Niantic has to act now

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A new vulnerability has appeared in Pokémon GO that could destroy the entire PvP scene. We explain how cheaters are currently cheating in battles.

SAN FRANCISCO – If you’re not just limited to catching and raising digital monsters in Pokémon GO and want to play Niantic’s mobile game more competitively, you can’t avoid the game’s PvP mode. Niantic has been holding tournaments for years and also the Pokémon GO World Championship every year. However, a new exploit has now appeared online that threatens to destroy the entire PvP scene.

The name of the game Pokemon Go
Version (initial publication date) July 6, 2016
publisher Niantic
series Pokemon
Platforms Android, iOS
Developer Niantic
Type Augmented reality, mobile

Pokémon GO: Exploit is ruining the entire PvP scene – that’s what’s behind the bot

what is he talking about? Yesterday Tuesday, a tweet went viral that made the Pokémon GO community sit up and take notice. YouTuber Poke AK posted a video in which he pointed out the massive exploit that has been circulating recently in Pokémon GO. Apparently, users of a heretofore unknown Discord server have programmed a bot that gives players an unfair advantage in PvP battles. We’ve included the video for you here.

How does the bot work? According to current information, the bot uses a vulnerability in the Pokémon GO code. This allows the bot to read the opponent’s entire team and their Pokémon attacks in real time. In the video, YouTuber Poke AK demonstrates how a bot on a Discord server takes out all the important information about the opposing team at the start of a PvP match and inserts it to cheat. Experienced players in particular can use the bot’s information to become nearly unbeatable.

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Pokémon GO: Exploit is ruining the entire PvP scene – which is why Niantic has to act now © Nianitc / / (Montage)

The bot works not only in one-on-one battles against friends, but also in all Pokémon GO online leagues. This means that you can cheat the entire PvP zone with the help of unfair help from the bot. This also currently affects the tournaments that Niantic uses to select trainers for tournaments. In his video, Poke AK confusingly sums up the situation as follows: “Their game is completely broken and they are still running tournaments.”

Pokémon GO: Exploit is ruining the entire PvP scene – this is how the community reacts

How is the community reacting to the bot detection? In the comments below the Poke AK video, the community agreed that Niantic should step in now to stop cheaters. However, users also assume that it will definitely not be easy for the manufacturer to find the vulnerability. Some viewers are also thanking Poke AK for publicly addressing this issue.

  • Bloodline2009 wrote: “I think Niantic is going to treat this like all the other big gaming companies. Say nothing, do nothing, and make whoever mentions it look like a madman.”
  • Franco6677 Wonders: “I’m waiting for a statement from Niantic. How do they react to the fact that their game has been overrun by cheaters and it’s a complete scam?
  • Darkblade3897 adds: Honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure there are people who can see the charge attack you do during the 7 second charge period, so they’ll always know if it’s a trick or not. There are cheats in every online game“.
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Which is why Niantic must act now:

There’s no doubt that Pokémon GO’s PvP mode is very popular. It is extremely important that Niantic now extensively research the bugs and close the exploit as quickly as possible. If official tournaments continue to operate and the exploit is active, it will be very difficult to ensure in the future that participants have not won illegally. Ultimately, Pokémon GO also has a reputation to lose if competitive tournaments come under public suspicion of cheaters.

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