February 25, 2024

Ted Kravitz argues as young Formula 1 fan accuses Sky Sports pundit of being a ‘Mercedes fan’

A bizarre moment captured live by Sky Sports F1 cameras showed experienced pit lane reporter Ted Kravitz being challenged by a young fan who accused him of being a Mercedes supporter.

Sky Sports F1 reporter Ted Kravitz has been accused of supporting Mercedes live on air(Sky Sports)

Ted Kravitz got into an altercation with a young Formula 1 fan on live TV after he was accused of supporting Mercedes.

This happened during the broadcaster’s live show after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifiers. As usual, Kravitz was moving between the 10 teams and telling viewers how their drivers performed during the session while also providing information about life at the track.

Part of this latest assignment involved talking to a lot of people including casual fans. While he was doing that on Saturday, he came across someone who had an accusation to press.

The young fan showed Kravitz that he managed to take a selfie with George Russell. The broadcaster indicated that he did this while wearing a Ferrari hat.

In response, the fan said: “I think you are a Mercedes fan.” Kravitz immediately responded, “No! I’m not a fan, and I don’t like any of these bands.” But the fan was not convinced, adding: “Sky Sports UK, more often than not you support Mercedes.”

“No, I don’t care,” Kravitz continued optimistically. “I don’t care what any of these teams do, I’m just here to report on them. You, on the other hand, wear a Ferrari hat, so, obviously, ‘You’re a Ferrari fan.'”

He then wished the fan a good day before leaving and continuing with a summary of the session. If Kravitz is secretly supporting the Silver Arrows, he will be happy to see George Russell overcome illness to qualify fourth in Sunday’s race.

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