February 24, 2024

Wolf accepts the warning with a wink

(Motorsport-Total.com) – When the Formula 1 race in Las Vegas was criticized last weekend, Toto Wolff was furious. At the team bosses’ press conference, the Mercedes team boss allowed himself to be drawn into an inflammatory speech with a choice of words for which he was later formally warned by the FIA.

Toto Wolff can live with his warning from the FIA

This weekend in Abu Dhabi, the Mercedes team boss had to answer to the stewards for his PK whim. “That was great. The second time I’ve been ordered around. The last time was in 1984, when I was twelve years old and went to school,” Wolf said with a smile. sky.

The moderators concluded that Wolfe’s choice of words was inappropriate, which is why he received a warning. Although Wolf comments on the situation with a wink, he accepts it. “We are role models, we represent the sport,” he says.

The F-word slipped out of his mouth in Las Vegas, which didn’t go down well. “I don’t think someone who is acting in the car or out of the car and young people are watching on TV should use that language,” Wolf said.

“All of us – whether drivers, team representatives or FIA officials – have to adhere to the sporting rules,” explains the Mercedes team boss, who himself knows that this is “in the interest of the sport”. However, his opinion regarding the criticism directed at the Las Vegas race has not changed.

Wolf: You don’t know what time zone you’re in anyway!

“It was a great weekend. The manhole cover was nothing – like I said,” confirms Wolfe. It was an “amazing race”, there was “good racing at the front”, the spectators were great and overall it was a “huge event”.

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“The premiere in Vegas ticked all the boxes,” he muses and explains: “It’s a great track. It’s good for overtaking maneuvers, as you can see. The DRS zones are in the right places and if you manage the tires well, you’ll be able to.” You can have an advantage here.”

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Any criticism not related to the sporting aspects of the weekend is ignored by Wolff. For example, there was the schedule that many people were not completely satisfied with. “I think it comes down to logistics,” Wolfe explains.

There’s not much scope when it comes to session times because you have to keep an eye on the “Las Vegas traffic situation.” “In the future, it may be possible to schedule the qualifiers a little earlier, but overall everything was great,” Wolff admits.

At the weekend, you’re “on full autopilot” anyway, he explains with a smile: “You don’t know what time you’re going to wake up anyway, what time zone you’re in, and where the toilet is in the hotel.” room.”

I don’t want to find any negative things,” Wolf explains

And the problems with the first training session, which meant the FT2 team could only start at midnight and fans were sent home beforehand, are just a side note for Wolff. “I didn’t want to find a fly in the ointment because it was so wonderful,” he stresses.

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“It was unpredictable circumstances and you can’t let people here at the track work for so long,” he says, referring to the fact that fans had to leave the track before FT2. But next year it may be possible to build more “buffer”.

“But there were unforeseen circumstances,” he emphasizes again and explains: “Many things [im Vorfeld] “It seems a little out of proportion or too negative that we’re leaving Las Vegas after a great weekend.”

“I think the popularity of Formula 1 in the United States will definitely increase as a result,” Wolff said. “There is nothing negative that I can find.”