Fans scandal cast a shadow over Liverpool’s victory! Klopp’s side are still hoping for the Champions League

Fan scandal overshadows Liverpool’s victory

Klopp on Bellingham: ‘So we can’t buy players’

Jurgen Klopp celebrates an important victory in the Champions League struggle with Liverpool FC. But an incident in the stands overshadowed the joy.

the Right By Jurgen Klopp continues. But the focus is on a scandal before kick-off!

the Liverpool FC Around his German team manager he kept his small chance of winning again with his sixth consecutive win Participation in the Champions League.

The Reds won 1-0 (1-0) against Brentford. Even before the ball was rolled at Anfield, there were controversial scenes in the stands.

Liverpool fans whistled on the day of Charles III’s coronation. The British national anthem is Merciless.

Before kick-off, “God Save the King” was booed in the stadium. Reds fans also chanted “Liverpool, Liverpool”. In addition, some supporters raised offensive posters in the air.

Previously it had been decided this weekend In all Premier League matches Playing the national anthem “God Save the King” in the United Kingdom.

Liverpool FC fans have clearly shown what they think of the British Royal Family

Mohamed Salah put himself in the history books

Later on the field, Mohamed Salah scored to make it 1-0 (13). The King of Egypt scored for the 100th time at Anfield and above that in the ninth consecutive home game. No player in Liverpool’s history has managed to do this.

with those lies Liverpool is temporarily one point behind Manchester United in fifth placebut he has two more games under his belt.

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