December 8, 2023

Taylor Swift flirts with Travis Kelce: Donald Trump laughs about it

United State – At the beginning of the week Taylor Swift (33) and Travis Kelce (33) have made a lot of headlines as pop icons Attended Kansas City Chiefs game – exclaimed the NFL star. Although neither of them has gone public with their relationship yet, rumors are already starting to flourish. Now no one other than the former President of the United States has given his two cents on the possible relationship between the lovebirds.

Taylor Swift, 33, watched the NFL football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Bears with Travis’ mother Kelsey (left). Such images did not go unnoticed by Donald Trump (77). © Ed Zurga/AP/DPA

Donald Trump (77 years old) said in an exclusive interview: “I wish them the best.” Daily Caller “I hope they enjoy their lives. Maybe together, maybe not – probably not,” he added.

This doesn’t sound very good.

However, it is unclear what prompted the 77-year-old to comment on the speculation surrounding the musician and athlete.

Taylor Swift
The rumors are true! Taylor Swift adores her NFL star

However, this is not the first time Trump has made a scathing comment toward Swift.


The rumor mill is churning: Are Travis Kelce, 33, and Taylor Swift, 33, a couple? © Brian Anderson/AP/DPA

Taylor Swift doesn’t care about Trump’s comments

Of all people, Donald Trump (77) reported on the possible relationship between Taylor Swift (33) and Travis Kelce (33). © Jay C. Hong/AFP/DPA

He already criticized her in 2018 after the “Anti-Hero” singer publicly announced her support for Democrat Phil Bredesen (79) during the elections in the US state of Tennessee – and subsequently fired Republican Representative Marsha Blackburn (71).

“I’m pretty sure Taylor Swift doesn’t have anything on her [Blackburn] Trump then publicly mocked her: “I know. Let’s say I like Taylor’s music about 25 percent less now.”

In her Netflix documentary “Miss Americana,” which debuted on the streaming service in 2020, Swift addressed the then-president’s statement — whose policies Swift was already at odds with — after her publicist brought it to her attention.

“I will vote for you!” Tweets like this also prove that Taylor Swift is not a fan of Trump

Her response was simple “S***** him. I don’t care.”

She is expected to feel the same way about Trump’s comments regarding her current love life.

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