December 4, 2023

What kids’ shows are on today?: Here’s what’s happening with ‘Sesame Street,’ ‘The Little Raven Socke,’ and ‘Dandelion – A Sniffing Nose on a Tour of Discovery’

What good children’s programs are shown on TV? Learn about our TV recommendations for kids. Watch a children’s program with Guido Hamsfer, Louis Hoffman or Alice Chu and have a relaxing time.

What programs for children are on TV today? Image: Adopstock/G. Lombardo

Are you looking for the right program for kids on free TV? From 7:45 am, you can watch the best children’s programs on TV again. Get comfortable and watch a children’s show, a preschool program, or an animated series. These are kids tips

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Kids Show: “Sesame Street” (Monday 7:45 AM on Kika Channel)

A pallet box for Elaine: Abby, Elmo, the Wolf, and Elaine want to build a pallet box for a race. this is difficult! Fortunately, Laura can help. New Sesame Street roommate Ellen builds a soapbox with Elmo to compete against Abby and Wolf in a soapbox race. But building the platform is much more difficult than expected. Fortunately, Laura Kampf comes along and helps you. Everyone lends a hand and soon the soap boxes are ready. Now the race can finally begin…

This kids show on KiKa lasts 25 minutes.

Pre-school program: “Dandelion – Smell the nose on an exploratory tour” with Guido Hamsfer and Oliver Kalkovi (Mondays at 9:25 am on KiKa)

Cookie and the Water Castle: Explore nature with Cookie the Dog. “Löwenzahnchen” is a spin-off of the show “Löwenzahn” and presents funny and interesting facts about the animals on your doorstep and is especially attractive for pre-school children. Live in a real castle with Fritz. Cookie can imagine that. But his new friend Pastie Pepper doesn’t live in an ordinary castle. It is made of wood, stands in the middle of the water and has no visible entrance. But Pasty Pepper shows Cookie the extent of Operation Beaver Castle…

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This preschool program prepared by Manuela Stack with Guido Hamesvar as Fritz Fuchs and Olivier Kalkovi as Speaker – Hund Koki promises 9 minutes of entertainment.

Animated series: “The Little Raven Socke” with Louis Hoffmann and Anna Thalbach (Monday, 10:15 a.m. on KiKa)

Wish Fulfillment Box: Sookie forgot Eddie’s birthday and spontaneously invented the “Wish Fulfillment Box” as a gift. But now he has to prove to Eddie that the empty box can truly fulfill his every desire. At first he easily manages to smuggle Eddie’s desires into the box without anyone noticing, but over time Eddie’s desires become more and more unusual. Knight Sockheart: Socke wants to play knight with the Beaver Brothers, but they won’t let her sister Fritzi join them.

This animated series is created by Jocelyn Ronce with Louis Hoffman as Raven, Anna Thalbach as Mrs. Badger, Konstantin von Gacherov as Beaver Brother Arthur, Jannik Endemann as Beaver Brother Henry, Gerald Schaal as Sheepdog, and Monte Arnold In the role of Lalo, they promise 45 minutes of entertainment.

Animated film: “Ritter Roast – Hard as iron and all dented” (Monday at 11:10 AM on KiKa)

Knight Rust must regain his honor as a knight. He was on his way when he defeated Prince Brutz in a duel in the Knights’ Tournament. He accuses him of fraud and then King Belifus revokes the knight’s license from the Night Roost. This is a very bad starting point for winning back Bö’s girl’s heart. Now Knight Rost only has his loyal horse Feuerstuhl.

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This animated film on KiKa lasts for 75 minutes.

Children’s series: “The Show with the Mouse” (Monday 12:25 pm on Kika Channel)

Funny and realistic stories, today with Andre in the German immigration center, Jacob the bird, with a dent in the plane, and the famous Hollywood movie star Captain Blue Bear – and of course with the mouse, the elephant and the duck. German Immigration Center in Bremerhaven About 150 years ago, many people left their lives behind to start a new life in the USA. Their journey began in Bremerhaven and they took the ship across the ocean.

This children’s series on KiKa lasts for 30 minutes.

Children’s series: “Cocomelon” with Alice Chu and Ava Madison Gray (Tuesdays at 6:05 AM on Super RTL)

Produced by Bryce Fishman and starring Alice Chu as Sissy, Ava Madison Gray as Bella, Kristen Princiotta as Mom, and Brittany Taylor as Cody’s Mom, this children’s series is 10 minutes of entertainment.

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