May 19, 2024

Resident Evil 9: Release may have been delayed internally, insiders say

It's no secret that Resident Evil will continue with a ninth part. According to a reliable insider, this should now be expected to happen later than previously planned. The reason is internal transformation.

Fans of the Resident Evil horror series are likely to be strong, because the expected ninth installment of the hit series may take longer than previously thought. This is likely due to the statement of one of the reliable leakers, who said that there was an internal postponement of the game from Capcom, which has not been officially announced yet.

Since the horror series began in 1996, Capcom has released a new entry in the series almost every year. A few years have passed without a new release, but since 2019, the company has maintained an annual release rhythm. That will likely change this year, because there likely won't be a new Resident Evil in 2024.

The rumor mill has already said so by now; According to reports, Resident Evil 9 could have been announced in at least 2024, and the release was supposed to take place in 2025 – but according to insiders, that plan is AestheticGamerwhich was always reliable, especially regarding Resident Evil, is no longer there.

Although Resident Evil 9 has reportedly been delayed internally, there's still a sequel to the series coming next year – but a different one. Something like that could be loud AestheticGamer It was announced and released before Resident Evil 9 without the leaker providing any specific background information about this mysterious RE project. In this context, he only mentioned that the game will be “a lot of fun” and “completely surprise a lot of people.” What kind of show is on the horizon remains to be seen with some excitement.

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In addition to the main new Resident Evil 9 sequel, there has been frequent talk of a Resident Evil 5 remake in the rumor mill. Whether there will be one remains to be seen.

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