February 28, 2024

A Plague Tale Innocence: The Next Generation Upgrade Is Now Available

A Plague Tale Innocence: The Next Generation Upgrade Is Now Available

The stealth adventure “A Plague Tale Innocence” gets a next-generation upgrade with immediate effect. Meaning: better graphics, higher frame rate on the new consoles.

The basics in brief

  • “A Plague Tale Innocence” is a hidden adventure developed by Asobo Studio.
  • The game is now getting a graphics and performance upgrade on next generation consoles.

“A Plague Tale Innocence” is probably one of the best stealth adventures of the past few years. The graphics of the game, which was released in 2019, can still be seen on PC today.

Console players can now experience the game in full graphical splendor on Xbox S/X And the PlayStation 5. The corresponding next generation upgrade is available immediately.

In two comparison videos, the developers go over the graphical innovations that have been made on PS5 and XBS.

A Plague Tale: PS5 Upgrade vs. PS4 Version.

If you have the old version, you can upgrade for free. Moreover, the game is new to the game subscription «Play Station Plus» is free to use. with the X-Box Game Pass (Ultimate) has been the adventure for a while X-Box And a computer that can run for free.

A Plague Tale: Xbox One version compared to the next generation version.

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