June 17, 2024


US President Biden – New World, Old Concepts

Pretty much every new American president promises a new era in US foreign policy at the start of his / her tenure in office. George W. Bush announced that he would abandon the goal of nation building. Barack Obama has pledged to make the world (especially the Muslim world) appreciate America more. Donald Trump, in turn, has promised a foreign policy that will serve only the United States. For his part, Joe Biden now promises to repair the damage Trump has caused in diplomatic relations. The basic principle is always this: The past was bad and everything will be better in the future. And to do a better job, the bad should be reviewed.

But this advertising policy corresponds only with the wishes of the presidency and not with reality. Bush spent both of his terms in an unsuccessful attempt at nation building in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere. Jihadism has in no way succumbed to Obama’s charm. Donald Trump has pursued US interests, but he rarely specified what those interests should in reality be. All the noble intentions of the mentioned presidents were true – but the world does not follow them.

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