May 21, 2024

No principal residence in Great Britain: New buzz around Prince Harry: Is he still allowed to represent his father?

Can Prince Harry continue to act as a representative for his father, King Charles? Photo: Imago Images/PA Images

Officially, Prince Harry is still a ‘Counselor of State’ and could represent King Charles. But now that it is known that his primary residence is in the USA, there are renewed discussions about whether this is still appropriate.

Discussions have once again erupted in Great Britain over whether Prince Harry (39 years old) can continue as “Councillor of State”. In theory, his father, King Charles (75 years old), should represent him, although he has moved his primary residence to the United States of America.

However, it is clear that the position of State Counselor cannot be taken away from him so easily. Charles could take on Prince Harry according to Mail Online He cannot be removed from the position of “State Counselor” unless he consults Parliament. The newspaper also reported, citing experts, that the Duke of Sussex cannot resign from his position as MP. This means that Prince Harry can still technically represent the monarch when he is on an official trip abroad or when he is ill. Charles is currently being treated for cancer and does not perform any official public duties.

The people who can currently represent the King as “counselor of state” are his wife Queen Camilla (76 years old), as well as the first four adults in line to the throne who are at least 21 years old. These will be the heirs to the throne, Prince William (41 years old), his cousin Princess Beatrice (35 years old), her father Prince Andrew (64 years old), who was disgraced due to his scandals, and Harry, who has lived in the United States since then. 2020.

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Change will happen quickly

Constitutional expert Craig Prescott told Mail Online there could be rapid change if Buckingham Palace turns to Parliament over Harry. Similar to 2022, when the change regarding “advisers” was approved. At that time, King Charles added Princess Anne, 73, and Prince Edward, 60, to the list of royals who could represent him.

Controversy has arisen over whether Harry could be a Counselor of State again as it has now been revealed that official documents show that he has now moved his primary residence to the USA. Harry lives with his wife, Duchess Meghan (42), and their children – Prince Archie (4) and Princess Lilibet (2) – in Montecito, California.

Now published documents from the UK Commercial Registry Companies Office for Harry’s travel organization Travalyst, which was founded in 2019, list the US as the place where he is “usually resident”. Previously, the UK was the main place of residence. The date of change for Harry dates back to June 29, 2023. In June 2023, Harry and Meghan moved out of Frogmore Cottage, their previous official home in Great Britain.