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Russia supplies the Navy with new “killer aircraft carrier” missiles – RT DE

Russia supplies the Navy with new “killer aircraft carrier” missiles – RT DE

August 29. 2021 10:39 AM

Russia is equipping its naval fleet with new hypersonic missiles, also known as “aircraft carrier killers”. Only in the month of June was there a disturbing incident in which a British warship sailed in the waters around Crimea and was forced to fire warning shots. Now Russia is getting new technology.

Warships and submarines of the Russian Navy will soon be equipped with new and advanced missiles that are said to be capable of destroying enemy ships with one decisive strike. The Russian Defense Ministry signed a contract with the missile manufacturer for this purpose.

I mentioned on Friday RIA Nowsti about itAnd That the military signed the contract with the missile development office NPO Maschinostrojenija. The agreement provides for the delivery of the so-called zirconium complex next year. This will be the first time that a standard hypersonic missile has been routinely used to defend against ships.

Last month, a warship sailing in Arctic waters reported a successful test launch of a Zircon missile. According to official information, “the missile hit the target in the White Sea with a direct hit from a distance of more than 350 kilometers (217 miles). The test confirmed the tactical and technical performance of the missile and its air speed was Mach 7.”

This means that the projectile was moving at supersonic speed, seven times faster than the speed of sound. Zirkon earned the nickname “Aircraft Carrier Killer” because a single warhead has the ability to destroy large targets. Just a few weeks ago, the commander of US Strategic Command, Admiral Charles Richard, warned that his country’s current ground-based and space-based sensing architecture “may not be sufficient to detect and track these hypersonic missiles.”

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According to Richard, if technological developments do not keep pace with the development of Russian missiles, NATO fleets may become vulnerable. A series of tense incidents between NATO warships and Russian sailors in recent weeks has raised fears of a potential naval conflict.

In June, the British warship HMS “Defender” sailed in the waters around the Crimea, which, according to London, is actually owned by Ukraine. Russia’s armed forces responded with overflights and warning shots, and Russia’s ambassador to the UK Andrei Kelin warned this week that the Defense Ministry would make such violations of Russian territory “more difficult” in the future.

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