February 24, 2024

Should Trump be allowed to rule from prison?

Former US President Donald Trump has been charged at the federal level with illegally retaining secret government documents. Many are now wondering: What does a prison sentence mean for the current presidential candidate? Here you can find possible answers.

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The president behind bars: Should Trump be allowed to rule from prison?

Former US President Donald Trump is always in the news – for example with his current indictment for illegally storing secret government documents at his private residence.

Many supporters and experts are now wondering what this indictment could mean for Trump's current efforts to become the next US president. What is at least certain is that if Trump is convicted, he will not be the first presidential candidate to have to run his campaign from prison.

Only 3 conditions for nomination

There is no particularly high obstacle for candidates for President of the United States of America Editorial Network Germany to explain. According to the US Constitution, the only requirements are that candidates must be at least 35 years old and have lived in the United States for 14 years. They must also be born in the USA.

The indictment and possible prison sentence do not prevent Trump from running for president. Individual examples from US history also show that it is entirely possible for him to continue coordinating his election campaign from prison, as long as he has a team to support him. This is what he mentions ZDF.

President despite the prison sentence

As the broadcaster also reported, a prison sentence should not ultimately prevent Trump from being elected president again — according to the law, there is nothing to prevent a convicted felon from being elected president.

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But in practical terms, a number of problems could arise if Trump had to exercise his position as the new US president from prison, the magazine says. Watson mentioned. Even making important phone calls or cabinet meetings would be difficult in such a situation. It remains to be seen whether this will eventually happen.

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