May 22, 2024

Prince Harry: Crazy twist! He wants to bring his children to Britain

About four years ago, there was an important break in the British royal family: Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle turned their backs on Great Britain and moved to California. Since then, there has been radio silence between the Duke and his noble family.

However, that changed with the cancer diagnosis of King Charles III. Following the announcement, Prince Harry immediately returned to England to visit his father. Are there signs of reconciliation now? An insider reveals Harry's plans include his two children, Archie and Lilybet.

Prince Harry wants to spend more time in Great Britain

Britain's OK! magazine,” says Prince Harry, who reportedly wants to bring his children back to his homeland more often. After all, the two mini-royals have almost nothing to do with the traditions of the British royal family. That must change now, writes the magazine.

“Harry wants to spend more time in England and take the kids to see their grandparents and relatives, but first he has to prove himself. That's very clear to him,” she insinuated. Could Prince Harry and his family get along?

What's going on with Prince Harry?

Royal expert Jenny Bond tells OK! magazine,” the 39-year-old began thinking after the shock diagnosis. “However, life events like these tend to focus the mind, and I'm sure that Harry feels his children have almost no relationship with their father or maternal grandfather. “Time and life move forward, and such horrors will certainly make Harry think deeply about the future,” he said.

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A reconciliation between Prince Harry and his family has not been ruled out. But the reality is that it takes a lot of time to heal old wounds and find a sense of normalcy again. Bringing children closer to their roots may be the first step in the right direction.