July 17, 2024

Nothing Earns More – Montana Black reveals his biggest source of income

Nothing Earns More – Montana Black reveals his biggest source of income

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from: Josh Grossman

MontanaBlack can be followed on a very large number of platforms. Success lies particularly on YouTube and Twitch, but how does the streamer make the most money?

Buxtehude – MontanaBlack is famous for his videos of him talking about all kinds of things while playing games like Call of Duty. The 36-year-old is probably the best known German broadcaster. Even international competition can be amazed at the number of viewers, but the question remains as to what is most likely to be of monetary value. Is it YouTube videos, Twitch streams, or maybe TikTok clips?

full name Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris
known as Montana Black
birthday March 02, 1988
place of birth Boxhood
YouTube subscribers 2,900,000 (as of June 2023)
Followers on Twitch 5,000,000 (as of June 2023)

MontanaBlack Reveals What He Earns The Most – This is his highest paying business

What happened? On Twitch, MontanaBlack doesn’t just accept money from her fans. Every now and then they are allowed to ask a closer question to the operator – in voice chat. “One question, Go” is what Twitch stars call the format they give their fans a go. Over at MontanaBlack, one fan was particularly interested in the platform he had the most sales with.

Nothing Earns More – Montana Black Reveals His Biggest Income © Twitch: MontanaBlack / Freepik (Montage)

There are two answers to this question. Monty believes that YouTube gets the most money “just from the return on account.” However, MontanaBlack also has several channels, some of which feature similar videos. MontanaBlack saved it on a gift of Gönrgy for fellow live-streamer — for Rohat, maybe just YouTube income would do well. Only the YouTube channels “MontanaBlack” and “SpontanaBlack” belong to the operator, and he gets a percentage from the other channels.

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Official YouTube channels featuring MontanaBlack content

MontanaBlack – Vlogs and video projects, not Twitch Highlights

SpontanaBlack – video highlights and

Right Kevin – Twitch Highlights and more exciting months from MontanaBlack

Crew – collections of twitch streams, reactions and real conversations

It’s just a hobby – Counter Strike slots and other CS: GO content

Accordingly, YouTube would be more than that, but now Twitch is completely aloneMontanaBlack surprisingly reveals to his fans. MontanaBlack has complained about Twitch salary cuts and criticized colleagues who want to be on good terms with the platform. The fan is also surprised that Twitch has to be the biggest single source of income when so many streamers are currently turning to the competition.

The more you broadcast, the more you earn.

In the last 90 days (as of July 17, 2023), Buxtehude has been live on Twitch for 71 days — no wonder he can log high ad revenue with that much airtime. MontanaBlack advert though, but only when he leaves the room. But even with less than the ad cap, Twitch seems to be doing just fine with MontanaBlack. However, MontanaBlack did not disclose the exact amount that ended up in the account.