April 21, 2024

Security expert sounds the alarm: Microsoft is spying on users

The information disclosed by Microsoft is quite specific. According to Bruce Schneier, Microsoft could only have obtained this knowledge by spying on chatbot sessions. According to the security expert, this is not surprising and may also be allowed under the tools' terms of use.

In fact, Microsoft does that There is no secret about thatUser content in AI services is scanned – Also by people. When it comes to Azure OpenAI services, the company talks about “abuse monitoring.” Algorithms and heuristics will initially be used to identify harmful content and potential abuse and classify them according to severity.

If systems flag certain user data, it may also be examined by authorized Microsoft personnel. For cases within the EEA, employees must also be located in the EEA, the company said. Customers will be notified via email if a breach occurs. Azure customers who handle sensitive data within services can also opt in to cross-monitoring abuse Online form conflicts.

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