May 22, 2024

Microsoft is sticking with the games on disc, with no definitive end planned

If Microsoft can achieve its goal, the time for physical media is far from over. Despite the rumors – which are also due to the leak of internal documents of the company – according to Xbox head Phil Spencer, they want to continue offering games on data carriers.

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer recently talked about physical media for gaming. It seems that Microsoft is not yet ready to stop selling physical storage media with games. The company's current strategy appears to be to align itself with the interests of potential customers – and this includes the availability of games on physical media.

In a conversation with journalist Stephen Totilo, Spencer explained: Blog game file“The strategy does not depend on users completely switching to digital media.” He also stressed that Microsoft's strategy is in no way to dispense with physical media. Spencer also pointed to the increasing costs associated with consolidating optical drives as demand declines. Microsoft supports distributing games on physical media, but does not see this as a requirement.

Buck the trend away from physical media

“We ship games physically and digitally, and we just keep track of what customers are doing. I think our mission in running Xbox is to deliver things that the majority of customers want. Right now, “the majority of our customers are buying games digitally,” Spencer said. Spencer's comments relate to the trend away from physical media A few months ago, major US retailers Walmart and Best Buy began to gradually stop selling games on Blu-ray or DVD. In the context of mass layoffs at Microsoft, this led to speculation in many places that the Redmond company wants to stop Quite about selling games physically.

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This has already brought the group a lot of criticism, as the exclusive distribution of games as downloads deprives customers of the opportunity to resell their used games or keep them at home as downloads after the distribution period. Another factor is that with the Xbox hardware expected to be updated this year, models with optical drives will no longer be available.


  • Microsoft is committed to games on the vector
  • Phil Spencer focuses on customer desires
  • Optical drive costs are rising
  • The majority buy games digitally, and the supply still stands
  • US retailers have stopped selling physical games
  • Criticism of the potential end to the distribution of physical games
  • New Xbox consoles without optical drives are expected

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