May 27, 2024

No longer primary residence in the UK: can Prince Harry still represent the King?

No longer primary residence in the UK
Is Prince Harry still the king?

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Officially, Prince Harry still holds the position of 'Counselor of State' despite his emigration, and can therefore represent King Charles in official appointments. But the former king recently listed the US as his primary residence. This now invites the main riders.

In Great Britain, discussions have once again erupted over whether Prince Harry can continue to hold the position of Counselor of State. In theory, he could represent his father, King Charles III, when he was on an official trip abroad or when he was ill. This is despite the fact that the 39-year-old has turned his back on his British homeland and officially moved his primary residence to the USA.

The people who can currently represent the King as an official 'Counselor of State' are his wife, Queen Camilla, as well as the first four adults in line to the throne who are at least 21 years old. In addition to Prince Harry, these will be his brother Prince William, their cousin Princess Beatrice and her father Prince Andrew, who fell into disgrace due to his scandals.

After published documents from Britain's commercial registry, Companies House, revealed that Prince Harry now lists the US as the place where he is “ordinarily resident”, there is now a renewed debate over whether he should continue to have the right to be King of Great Britain. England represents. After all, his main residence is no longer the UK. The former royal lives with his wife, Meghan, and their children – Prince Archie, 4, and Princess Lilibet, 2 – in Montecito, California.

Parliament will have to take action

It seemed that Harry could not be deprived of the position of State Counselor so easily. Constitutional expert Craig Prescott told the British newspaper Daily Mail that there can be no change unless King Charles formally addresses Parliament. Similar to the year 2022, an amendment regarding “advisers” was made and approved. The King has added his sister, Princess Anne, and his younger brother, Prince Edward, to the list of royals who can represent him in emergency situations. Prince Harry himself cannot simply resign from his position as MP.

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