September 29, 2023 – The extension to the Heimliche Reign can be pre-ordered

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In the Board game kioskBoard Game Circus store, you can now purchase the expansion “Forgotten Legacy” to Pre-order the “Heimliche Reign” discount game.. The aim of the game 2-6 people from 10 years oldtime to play with 30 minutes specific.

maybe in October The Forgotten Legacy is supposed to appear. RRP is included 20.00 euros.

This is what the game is about

In “Heimliche Reign” you take on one of six secret roles. Each of them sympathizes with two of the four factions. Who will beat whom? The playing cards are face up or face down in front of you, which affects how the conflict develops. In the end, one of the four factions will have the upper hand, and whoever sympathizes with it has a chance of victory!

the The Forgotten Legacy expansion It delivers you unique Archaeologywith which you can get an advantage and new faction, the golem. Also, you can characters bribe Thus changing their faction.

In the board game booth you can currently strap The system, which includes the base game “Secret Reigns”, the new expansion “Forgotten Legacy” and the already released expansion “Queens and Miners”. The entire package costs you (with a discount) 49.99 euros.

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