June 23, 2024

Marvel's Avengers developer wants to better explain why XP's milling speed increases.  • Eurogamer.net

Marvel’s Avengers developer wants to better explain why XP’s milling speed increases. • Eurogamer.net

Crystal Dynamics has released another statement regarding upcoming changes to Marvel’s Avengers XP that will raise the bar for the game soon. The developer also admitted that his initial explanation was “not comprehensive enough” and “caused confusion.”

The changes to XP were originally detailed in a blog post about last week Marvels Avengers websiteAlong with a warning that any player wanting to avoid the longer grind had until March 18 (the day these changes happened) to level up their characters first.

“While it is tempting to read the Growing Mill as a cynical attempt to keep players involved in the live-action Avengers game for an extended period of time,” said our correspondent Matt Wells. Summarize it last weekCrystal Dynamics insists the goal is to fix speed issues with the existing leveling system and argues that the speed at which the game is currently awarding skill points can be “confusing and overwhelming” for new players.

In recognition of the fact that the statement was confusing to fans, a new statement was sent to the game’s administrator by Crystal Dynamics. Reddit.

A report attributed to Crystal Dynamics wrote: “We wanted to provide more clarifications and details about the recently announced XP change: We didn’t change XP to increase milling for milling sake.” Our initial blog wasn’t comprehensive enough to convey what we were doing and why … so we caused confusion … we got it.

“The problem we’ve seen and heard is that you instantly get more Skill Points than you had time to review, use, and get used to before starting your next mission and advancing to the next levels. We hope you see the problem here.”

“We want people to rise, we really want more people to rise up, and more heroes to be, because playing the full Avengers List should be the most fun thing, but we don’t want to experience the ability to raise or reduce stress. Skill purchase.

After implementing the XP changes, players will be designed to upgrade each “2-4 mission” instead of the current “once or twice per mission”. At the same time, the minimum values ​​are reached a little faster.

Overall, the changes will likely add “about 3-5 hours to the maximum level” per character, as Crystal Dynamics concluded.

The fan’s initial reaction to the changes doesn’t seem to have been altered by this latest statement. The most common complaint is that the main issue with the game is not one of compromise, but a lack of content that needs to be ironed out.

Overall, Reddit is a mix of fan franchises who still hope Marvel’s Avengers will change by adding futuristic characters and comparisons with other live-service games like BioWare’s Anthem. There are concerns about the lack of a roadmap for the game, complaints about performance issues and bugs, and questions like – when exactly will that be? Controversial Spider-Man is exclusive to PlayStation In fact?

The XP cosmetic mods from Crystal Dynamics to Marvel’s Avengers will be released on March 18th, along with a new playable hero. Hawkeye and the much awaited X / S update for the PS5 and Xbox series.