May 22, 2024

Path of Exile 2: Reasons for delaying the beta

In an interview with Game directors Jonathan Rogers and Mark Roberts spoke about the decision to postpone the Path of Exile 2 beta date. Even if you can complete the pure content by the June 7 deadline, it will likely not be of the quality required by the developers.

The workload is reduced

“We underestimated the time it would take to get to the level of play we were happy with,” Rogers said. No specific date has been set yet, but we expect a playable version to be released at the end of this year.

Personally, I think it's best to only make the game available for player feedback when you think it's finished. Rogers continued: If you make players available to players previously in an incomplete state, you will often receive feedback on things that are already known to the development team.

There's also the challenge of developing parts of the title five to six years in advance. The amount of work required to adapt these game components to today's standards was “simply underestimated”, especially in boss battles.

The first impression is important

Rogers also revealed his concerns about players' first impressions: “First impressions last, and I want people when they play the beta to think, 'Wow, the game is great,' which I don't think would be the case if the prequel was history preserved.” “

“What happens with a lot of games, and I don't really like this, is that early access or the beta is often the first chapter or the first part or something like that,” Roberts continued. “And that's what he understands and obviously a lot of the finishing touches.” [von den Entwicklern]”.

“When the game is released, you'll really notice it [die Entwickler] “I finished this part and moved on to the next.” However, such titles would “completely collapse.” And also due to the fact that the implemented beta versions “were not used for real testing.”

Blizzard didn't understand why Diablo 2 was such a success

A delay in the Path of Exile 2 beta could also bring Blizzard's Vessel of Hatred DLC closer to the release of Diablo 4. Does Rogers see a risk in this? “There is nothing wrong with this game that leads to negative content with Diablo 4 in the future,” so the Game Director said, “There is something in the world with more information about the last episode, there will be more people in the same place, there is an Action-Rollenspiel he”.