December 4, 2023

Making way for Saudi Arabia: Has the World Cup award become a farce?

Will the 2034 World Cup be held in Saudi Arabia?


The Saudi attack in football continues. The Saudis want to host the World Cup in 2034. The chances of that happening are very good. Or is there someone else in between?

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  • Saudi Arabia announced that it will apply to host the 2034 World Cup.
  • The World Cup cannot be held in eleven years in Europe, Africa, or North and South America. The question that arises is whether FIFA deliberately increased the chances of the Saudis.
  • With Indonesia and Australia, there could now be competition for Saudi Arabia.

Last week, FIFA loudly announced that the 2030 World Cup would be held in six countries on three continents. The tournament opens in South America and continues in Spain, Portugal and Morocco after three matches in Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. The decision still needs official confirmation by the FIFA Council in May.

“In a divided world, FIFA and football unite,” FIFA President Gianni Infantino said happily at the awards ceremony, without saying a word about the problems related to sustainability, transparency and human rights. Instead, he spoke of “a great message of peace, tolerance and integration.”

The critical voices quickly became louder. Should such a huge tournament be held in times of climate change? Well, you also have to ask yourself if this is an elaborate plan by FIFA to bring the 2034 World Cup to Saudi Arabia.

The 2034 World Cup in Saudi Arabia is almost fixed?

The rotation procedure was introduced a few years ago. The continental federations must take turns organizing the World Championship. Continental associations that have already hosted the last two World Cups will be excluded from the application process.

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In 2026, the World Cup will be held in North America (USA, Mexico, Canada). 2030 in South America, Europe and Africa. So only countries in Asia and Oceania are allowed to apply for 2034. You rogue, who believes that FIFA deliberately chose three continents in 2030 to increase Saudi Arabia’s chances of hosting the World Cup four years later?

FIFA President Gianni Infantino (centre) at the 2018 World Cup in Russia in conversation with Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and Russian ruler Vladimir Putin.
FIFA President Gianni Infantino (centre) at the 2018 World Cup in Russia in conversation with Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and Russian ruler Vladimir Putin.


However, just an hour after announcing the host country for the 2030 World Cup, the Saudis announced in a glossy video that they would bid to host the 2034 World Cup. There is no shortage of money and connections. Gianni Infantino has enjoyed close relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for years.

There is no end to Saudi sports washing

The Saudi Football Federation said the aim is to host a world-class tournament and will be inspired by “Saudi Arabia’s ongoing social and economic transformation and the country’s deep passion for football.”

However, Saudi Arabia – even more than Qatar – is under heavy criticism for human rights violations. The country faces accusations of wanting to polish its image by investing billions of dollars in sports. Keyword Sports wash.

The Saudis are on the offensive, especially in football. Examples of this include the transfers of stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Karim Benzema to the Saudi Professional League. The country has already won the 2023 FIFA Club World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup. In addition, a Formula 1 race, important boxing matches and its own golf series are being held in Saudi Arabia.

Indonesia and Australia take their stand

The 2034 World Cup has not yet been awarded. There also appears to be a competitor to Saudi Arabia. Indonesia is showing great interest in bidding to host the tournament with Australia. Two more countries could join.

Indonesian Association President Eric Tohir confirmed: “We are discussing the matter with Australia.” Sydney Morning Herald. And: “When I visited Malaysia and Singapore, both countries expressed interest in joining.” A host group from Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand also seems possible.

Tohir said they are still open to those options because the application process will take a few weeks. However, discussions have been ongoing since March. The Australians “have once again asked that we take this matter seriously.” The deadline for applications is October 31.

Former hosts and World Cup holders

  • 1930 – Host: Uruguay, Winner: Uruguay
  • 1934 – Host: Italy, Winner: Italy
  • 1938 – Host: France, Winner: Italy
  • 1950 – Host: Brazil, Winner: Uruguay
  • 1954 Organizer: Switzerland, Winner: Germany
  • 1958 – Host: Sweden, Winner: Brazil
  • 1962 – Host: Chile, Winner: Brazil
  • 1966 – Host: England, Winner: England
  • 1970 – Host: Mexico, Winner: Brazil
  • 1974 Organizer: Germany, Winner: Germany
  • 1978 – Host: Argentina, Winner: Argentina
  • 1982 – Host: Spain, Winner: Italy
  • 1986 – Host: Mexico, Winner: Argentina
  • 1990 – Host: Italy, Winner: Germany
  • 1994 – Host: USA, Winner: Brazil
  • 1998 – Host: France, Winner: France
  • 2002 – Host: Japan/South Korea, Winner: Brazil
  • 2006 – Host: Germany, Winner: Italy
  • 2010 – Host: South Africa, Winner: Spain
  • 2014 – Host: Brazil, Winner: Germany
  • 2018 – Host: Russia, Winner: France
  • 2022 – Host: Qatar, Winner: Argentina
  • 2026 – Host: USA / Canada / Mexico
  • 2030 – Host: Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay
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