July 12, 2024

Others: Many roads lead to Tokyo – Sports

Others: Many roads lead to Tokyo – Sports

800m sprinter Christoph Kessler wants to buy an Olympic ticket Photo: Ebner Photo: Schwarzwälder Bote

Athletics: Christoph Kessler, Simone Buch and Maximilian Vollmer have to do

800m runner Christoph Kessler and long-distance runner Simone Bosch want to take big strides this weekend to fulfill their Olympic dream. Maximilian Vollmer prepares for Decathlon in Oregon, USA.

Tactic or attack?

Showdown at DM in Braunschweig: Not just for Christoph Kessler of Donaueschingen, Eintracht Stadium is all about setting an important example when it comes to tickets for Tokyo. “The world rankings are on the move a lot right now. I have to do my homework. It will definitely be tight,” the 26-year-old knows everything should be fine on Sunday at 3:15pm if he is to improve his Olympic chances. The big question is, will the Tokyo German competitors attack the Olympic standard of 1:45.20 minutes? More likely, however, is the tactical race. “My goal is definitely a medal,” explains Donaueschinger, who starts from LG Region Karlsruhe. Kessler, favorite Marc Reuther (Eintracht Frankfurt) and co will surely be relieved, as the semi-finals have been cancelled. The two-court lap experts can therefore fully focus on Sunday’s finals.

By the way – Mark Robert Farkin (SC Leipzig), who was able to improve to 1:45.80 minutes in Gothenburg on Wednesday, wants to run the 1500m in Braunschweig. Christoph Kessler was also starting at Folksam GP. Donaueschinger was not entirely satisfied with his time (1:47.02) and his place (VI). “It was a little tricky at first,” Kessler says, pinning his hopes on the DM. “I wasn’t brave enough with my back straight, otherwise more could have been done.”

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DM instead of the European Cup

Simon Bosch doing the same, the long-distance sprinter from LG Telis Finanz Regensburg, who discovered his calling via LT Unterkirnach, should have worn the German jersey this weekend at the European Cup 10,000m in Birmingham. But due to the mutation of coronavirus B.1.617, which is spreading more and more in Great Britain. The German Athletics Federation (DLV) decided not to send a team. Instead, Simon Boch now wants to recommend himself at Braunschweig at 5,000m (Saturday, 5.40pm) for higher missions. According to the paper model, German-American Sam Parsons (Eintracht Frankfurt) travels to Eintracht with the best tickets. The 26-year-old actually ran 13:23.30 min in Irvine (USA) in mid-May. The fact that Boch can also be expected in Braunschweig came to light recently with his double appearance at Pfungstadt. First, the 27-year-old lost his best in 3:45.93 by just twenty seconds in the 1500m, then half an hour later Bosch won the 3000m in 8:05.42.

For Boch, Kessler and Co, the qualifying period for the Olympics in Tokyo ends on June 29. “If you don’t believe in yourself, you have already lost up front,” the former Unterkirnacher continues to believe in his chance.

View of the United States

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Tokyo has always been a big target for Maximilian Vollmer, who has lived, studied and trained in Eugene, Oregon for several years. But for that, Marbacher will have to crush his best decathlon performance next week in the NCAA (National Athletics Association) — from 2019 there are 7,964 points — perhaps crushing. After all, the national university championships are held in Eugene. In addition, this year Vollmer performed best in the 100 meters (10.82 seconds), the 110-meter hurdles (14.77 seconds), the throw (15.48 meters), the discus (42.60 meters) and the pole vault (5.00 meters). That in two good days, he would be fully capable of achieving at least 8000 magic points for the first time.