May 24, 2024

Switzerland clearly defeats Great Britain in Prague

Ice Hockey World Cup

Highly superior: The Swiss beat the Brits by a very narrow margin – Roman Josi is the top scorer at the World Cup

Now there are four matches and four wins. The national ice hockey team remains on the path to success at the World Cup in Prague. They never had much trouble against midget Great Britain in hockey and “only” won 3-0.

The fourth win in the fourth game is beyond doubt for a second. The score (3-0, scorers Heschier, Kokan and Niederreiter) does not say much about the stark superiority of the Swiss on land, water and air.

Top scorer and “Best Player” Nino Niederreiter (left) congratulates Akira Schmid on his shot.

Photo: Keystone

This superiority is what prevented a much greater victory. The Swiss continue to fall into the “22-foot trap.” With a more or less constant advantage, the spectacle largely takes place in front of the British goal. But when 22 legs (10 skaters plus the goalie) and 11 sticks are active and active in the opponent’s defensive zone, it becomes difficult for the puck to find its way to the goal. Time and time again, someone else’s stick or skate comes into the line of fire.

Not a lot of fun to play, but with two nice side notes

The great quality that the Swiss have is the quick transition from defense to attack, counter-attacks from deep in the area and the overall tempo of the game. But how do you switch when you’re always on the attack when there’s a draw, and often even when you’re outnumbered? How do you adjust the pace of play when you often only play in the tight spaces of the opposition box? So there is a little fun to play.

Star Roman Josi shines again.

Star Roman Josi shines again.

Photo: Keystone

In the end, the Weltklasse were victorious: captain Roman Josi got 2 decisive points and is now the top scorer of the entire tournament with 2 goals and 6 assists. Roger Federer hockey. Akira Schmid also kept a clean sheet in his first full World Cup match.

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