June 20, 2024

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Over the course of two days, a tent city was set up on Münsterplatz in Bonn. Setting up inside: platforms that, in addition to the University of Bonn, show other universities, research institutes and scientific institutions in the Bonn region what they work on every day. Artificial intelligence and Neanderthals are two topics that are just as important as animal welfare.

Touching and sharing is explicitly desirable

These insects invite exciting discoveries under the microscope. | Image source: Svenja Smolarek

In addition to various lectures and discussion groups, there are engagement stations for visitors of all ages. A project on biodiversity will be on display at the König Museum pavilion. Here, visitors can see lots of small insects under a microscope.
Björn Rölek and colleague Jana Thurman present a project on biodiversity. They are researching the genetic fingerprints of insects for a digital library. For example, there are 10,000 different species of ants, bees and wasps – most of which have not yet been researched. They want to change that here.

What can artificial intelligence decide?

Björn Rölek and Jana Thormann present their research project on the genetic fingerprinting of insects. | Image source: Svenja Smolarek

Another big topic is the use of artificial intelligence. The topic of trustworthiness is discussed at the Fraunhofer Institute Amnesty International I searched. Visitors can playfully learn about its use. They are asked questions on a computer and can decide whether to answer a question or not Amnesty International Is it left to someone or left to someone else?

When it comes to the question: who should decide which person gets the job interview, many choose people. Research should draw attention to what Amnesty International It is achievable, but it also shows where its current limits lie.

The event continues until Friday

This year’s Science Night theme is “Free Spirit” and is based on the 75th anniversary of the Basic Law, which is being celebrated this year. Another topic is the importance of freedom in research and teaching. Anyone interested can attend the “Science Night in Bonn” until late Friday evening (May 17).

Our sources:

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