April 22, 2024

Level Up: There's only one week left until Game Festival

Level Up: There’s only one week left until Game Festival

After a successful debut in the summer of 2021, LEVEL UP will enter Round Two in exactly one week, from July 1 to July 2, 2022. Gamers, tech enthusiasts and esports enthusiasts can then experience the world of video games over two days and over 20,000 square meters in an exhibition center Salzburg. Tickets are available at levelup-salzburg.at or at the box office.

What can visitors expect at LEVEL UP?
The LEVEL UP program can hardly be surpassed in terms of diversity this year. It’s not only e-sportsmen and amateur gamers who make their money on over 20,000 square metres, but also retro enthusiasts, VR enthusiasts, cosplay players, and players with purely analog cards and tables. In addition, the Game Festival is very suitable for families and children, because a separate FSK16+ zone separates games with age restrictions and those suitable for children. For the first time there is a division into four large zones: the gaming zone, the main platform, the LEVEL UP LAN zone and the FSK16 + zone.

Game Zone: Play and Experience for Everyone
The gaming zone is all about experience, experience, play and enjoyment. Whether a player big or small, professional or amateur, there is something for everyone in the gaming area. Visitors can immerse themselves in virtual reality worlds together, solve puzzles there and playfully boost their fitness or experience the fusion of VR and remote-controlled cars. All details about the gaming area and a comprehensive list of exhibitors can be found at levelup-salzburg.at

Main stage: the stage that esports deserves in Austria
The main stage is the heart of LEVEL UP. Here, esports enthusiasts can enjoy consistently high-quality games and shows.

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The organizers managed to put together a colorful collection of tournaments and titles of well-known games. Clash of Leagues by A1 eSports is a European Championship format played on mobile devices. The Red Bull Solo Q National Qualifiers will take place on the LEVEL UP stage for the first time this year. One of the absolute highlights is the final of the alpenScene CS: GO tournament with prize money totaling €6,500.

A special additional feature is the live broadcast of the program, which is implemented by Letsplay4Charity on the Twitch streaming platform and the proceeds of which go to charity. More information about the main phase program is available at levelup-salzburg.at.

LEVEL UP LAN: Reviving LAN Parties
LEVEL UP LAN is a hot spot for team play. The era of the broadband Internet gave birth to the tradition of LAN parties, where video game fans gathered to play together and against each other. LEVEL UP LAN brings back that sense of synergy, offering both tournaments and free play time for those who love to play both day and night. A separate ticket is required for this area of ​​the festival, which can be purchased on the LEVEL UP LAN information page.

Why you shouldn’t miss LEVEL UP even if you’re a non-player
The organizers of Messezentrum Salzburg and the agency Rookies at Work want to bring the landscape of virtual space together in one place. Whether it’s an esports establishment, a hobby player or a family who loves gaming, two years after the pandemic, visitors can look forward to the variety of shows that the gaming scene in Austria has witnessed so far. You can meet friends and stars on the scene, play together as you like and talk about the latest game trends in various bars and food trucks. Surprise shows and after parties complete the festival experience.

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A one-day ticket is available for young people from 12 euros and a 2-day ticket from 20 euros. For children under 12 years of age accompanied by their parents or grandparents, admission is free. Click here to shop for tickets!

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