April 23, 2024

SI2021 NiP Champions Quelle Ubisoft Joao Ferreira

Six Invitational 2021 – Brazil’s first world champion has been announced!

The ninjas in pajamas are the Six Invitation 2021 winners! Source: Ubisoft / Joao Ferreira

The Six Invitational 2021 ended in almost two weeks and Rainbow Six Siege has a new World Champion! For the first time since the tournament was held, the Brazilian team wearing ninja pajamas could call themselves the world champion.

After losing to North America last year from Spacestation Gaming, the list around leader Gustavo ‘Psycho’ Rigal beat Brazilian competitor Team Liquid 3-2 in front of more than 200,000 viewers across all channels.

In addition to the recognized title of 2021 World Champion and the prestigious Hammer Cup, the team also won 33.3 percent of the $ 1 million prize pool of $ 1 million. Team Liquid, second placed around superstar André ‘nesk’ Oliveira, is still being paid 15 percent for his success.

SI2021 Final Viewer
Over 200,000 spectators watched the Six Invitationals 2021 Final around the world! Source: Twitch

The way of the finalists

When the Ninjas failed tragically last year before winning the biggest tournament of the year, the final match of this year’s champion began 1–0 as they reached the final above the lower bracket. This year, the talented squad has found that since the start of the qualifiers they will never have to accept such a defect again. They increased from match to match and won maps that were already considered lost.

On their way to the final, they beat Europe’s favorite BDS Sport, as well as their Brazilian rivals from FaZe Clan and MIBR. But also his opponent, Team Liquid, knew how to persuade in the lower class and recovered after an apparent 2–0 defeat in the first playoff game against MIBR. This was followed by victories against Parabellums Esports, Team Empire, Faze Clan, TSM, and revenge on MIBR.

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No matter how strong the competition, no matter how strong the resistance, Neske and Balloh led their team to the final. The two star players not only convinced the crowd on their way, but also set new records. Even before the end, Paloo has killed more than 200 kills and over 250 kills, and they’ve all achieved through six calls this year. Aside from them, there is no other player who can compete with these values.

The Ninjas prevailed in Pajamas and Team Liquid against tough competition:

SI2021 bracket
What: Ubisoft

Team fluids are catching up

For his part, the final couldn’t be more exciting. NiP took the lead 1-0 by participating in the finals above the top of the slide and then won the first map called Kafe Dostoyewsky with a brilliant 7-2 score. Liquid’s team put their backs on the wall. You had to win 3 consecutive maps to become the world champion. It shouldn’t be forgotten that they actually played Bo3 against Team MIBR today.

Despite the match already played today, Liquid has defeated the following Map Chalets (7: 3) and Clubhouse (8: 6) after Kafe Dostoyewsky. So it was clear that there would be a fourth, very important map. It was the consular game. It has already shown the pajamas-wearing ninjas against BDS, who have a reputation as a strong team on the map, can master the map.

The Consulate, the map that somehow started the decisive round of the Ninja, must also be the map with which it all ends. The consulate is a map that attackers have an advantage in. NiP must first prove the team’s ability to defend. Then they did so in an impressive way. Of the six defense rounds, the roster won six. When the Ninja were first allowed to attack, they already had a match point and chain.

Poorly thought out schedule

After not only had Liquid’s team had to win three consecutive maps in order to become world champions, there was now also an obligation to win at least six consecutive rounds on the crucial map so that they could save themselves in overtime. Vigilant spectators at this point realized what Final System critics had previously suspected, what could happen: Team Liquid had lost the focus and mental strength needed to win such a match.

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The Bo3 match against MIBR a few hours before the final kicked off, and the three maps against NiP already played have left their mark. The team looked exhausted. Even before the match, there were many voices in the community criticizing that being late 1-0 as well as participating in two nerve-wracking matches in one day is a very big drawback for the Lower Bracket team.

Team Liquid finally mustered the last strength on the list and “survived” two more rounds, but the Pajamas-wearing Ninjas finally decided on the 7: 2 and final 3: 2 match, thus being the 2021 Rainbow Six Siege World Champion.