October 4, 2023

Why there will be no N64 Mini

Why there will be no N64 Mini

Hardly any other company has left their mark on the world of video games as much as Nintendo. Games and consoles from the Japanese often have cult status, which is why few Nintendo fans also want the N64 Mini after the old revival of the NES and SNES. However, the former Nintendo boss doesn’t believe in this and gives little reason to be skeptical.

For many it is Mr. Nintendo: Reggie Phil-Amy, who ran the fortunes of American Nintendo between 2006 and 2019 and with his wit and charm turned more than just a Nintendo show into an entertainment show. In an interview, the 61-year-old looks back on his time at Nintendo and dares to look to the future. For the Nintendo 64 Mini, Fils-Aimé sees black.

Online instead of mini consoles: Ex-Nintendo chief rejects N64 Mini

“I don’t believe in it,” was the former Nintendo chief’s dry response to the possibility of more Nintendo mini consoles (Source: cnet). Reason for pessimism: Nintendo Switch Online. For Reggie Fils-Aimé, the future lies with Nintendo’s online servicewhich was recently expanded to include N64 games for an additional cost.

“If I were to come back to Nintendo for just one day, my focus would be: How can we bring great content to consumers online?” Fils-Aimé explains his approach. Launching mini consoles in the look of old Nintendo classics, as Nintendo has successfully done with the NES Mini and SNES Mini, is clearly a good thing for the former Nintendo boss. A relic of the past.

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According to Reggie Fils-Aimé, the two little consoles were born out of necessity anyway and should keep the Nintendo brand in consumers’ minds during the difficult transition from Wii U to Switch. It was previously revealed to him A surprising review of Game Boy Micro.

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The trend in the gaming world is subscription

Of course, the Nintendo 64 Mini isn’t left out forever. The former Nintendo President of America is only giving his own opinion here. But it also makes sense, take a look at the current gaming world’s offerings. It’s clear that the trend is towards subscriptions and why Nintendo launches the N64 Mini and only pays once when they come up with regular new releases of N64 classics on Nintendo Switch Online month holding your hand? Therefore, at least in the near future, no one should expect the N64 Mini.