December 6, 2023

Immortals of Aveum – Echollector update and beta available

Electronic Arts and Ascendant Studios have noted that the Echollektor update and beta version of The Immortals of Avium Available now. We can find all the information about this in the press release:

The update includes new content for the endgame The Echollector, a variety of performance improvements, quality of life improvements, and new gameplay content including the much-requested New Game+ mode and the challenging Greater Magnus difficulty. Existing players can expect a new progression path with four end-game shard portals to master, as well as a new boss fight. Thanks to continuous improvements, the update also delivers smoother performance on all platforms and brings a host of in-game content to the game.

The most comprehensive update to date at a glance:

  • End-Game Content: In “The Echollector” gameplay content, players continue Jak’s adventure as they must free Aveum from the corrupted Shard Gates and stop the magical construct of the same name from stealing energy from the Path.
    • Four new endgame objectives. The first three portals open the way through the final shard portal, which leads players to a boss fight against the Echollector.
    • New gear rewards, including the Legendary Green Mark.
    • A new backstory for the Echollector, an ancient Aristian creature.
  • New Game+: An option for players who want to start a new playthrough while maintaining and expanding their progress:
    • In New Game+, Legendary and Legendary gear can be upgraded further in the Forge.
    • Enemies have rebalanced their health and damage stats and abilities.
    • Jack can continue to use most of the spells and abilities he gained in the first round.
    • The “New Game+” feature also adjusts the experience and currency earned while playing the game.
  • Grand Magnus Difficulty: An additional difficulty level introduces players to new battles in the most challenging edition of Immortals of Aveum yet.
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