December 1, 2023

Apple Music: 6 months free with Sony PlayStation 5

You can regularly take advantage of free promotions on the Sony PlayStation 5. The latest collaboration is especially useful if you are a music fan. Because Playstation and Apple are offering you up to 6 free months of Apple Music streaming service. As always, there are of course some things to consider.

You will find the right person Promotion page here. However, it is important to know right away that this offer only applies to new customers. So, if you already have an Apple Music subscription, you can’t simply add the months listed. It’s currently unclear what happens if you don’t currently have a subscription, but have already subscribed to Apple’s music streaming offering in the past. All we can recommend here is to try it. It vaguely states that the promotion also applies to “qualifying and recurring subscribers.”

Apple Music is free for PS5 owners for up to 6 months.

What’s unusual about this promotion is that Sony and Apple are talking about “up to” six months of Apple Music for free. This means that the number of free months actually available varies depending on the user. Unfortunately, we don’t know what factors play a role. It is clear that the campaign has been going on for a long time. You can take advantage of the offer until November 15, 2024. Even if you don’t want to buy a PlayStation 5 until next year, there’s still plenty of time to participate.

Apple Music: Atmos and Lossless as an argument against Spotify & Co.

Apple Music is of course a competitor to Spotify or Tidal. Cupertino’s music streaming offering integrates over 100 million songs and also offers music in Dolby Atmos or HiFi quality at no additional charge. You can also use the service to create your own playlists or access them on your gaming console and use them to accompany your gaming sessions.

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To participate in the promotion, you must have a PlayStation Network account and an Apple ID. To take advantage of the offer, go to the media area on your PS5. There should be a sign there directing you to the campaign. If you haven’t installed it yet, download the Apple Music app. After opening the application, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Of course, we hope you enjoy this Sony and Apple campaign and we hope you can participate.