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Huy current power outage 25.06.2023: here there are power outages

There was a power outage on Saturday afternoon in Huy in the Huy-Neiinstedt district. Other parts of the region are currently affected by disturbances in the power grid. You can read all the notifications about the power outage in Huy since 24.06.23 and where to go back here on news.de

Power outages in your home can have many causes. Photo: Adobe Stock / Mediterraneo

Huy’s breakdowns and up-to-date maintenance

In an average home in Saxony-Anhalt, power supply problems only occur about 17 minutes a year. Most of the time we talk about very limited local LV disturbances. The German electricity grid is doing very well, and that goes for Huy as well. According to the Störsauskunft.de portal, several reports are currently listed for the city of Huy. Here are 5 entries from power grid operator Avacon Netz GmbH about grid problems in the region. In the following overview you will find all information about crash reports in the region.

The following defects are currently available on Huy on 06/25/2023

location disorder since then Proven predictor
Kirchberg, St. Nicholas, Hwy 6/24/2023 2:26 PM undefined
Bride Street, Eilenstedt, Huy 06/24/2023 2:03 PM undefined
Rosenwinkel, Eilenstedt, Huy 06/24/2023 11:06 AM undefined
Oberdorf, Hoisberg, Huy 06/24/2023, 2:00 p.m undefined
Vogelsdorfer, Oderbeck, Hwy method 6/24/2023 2:43 PM undefined

(status: 06/25/2023, 06:38 AM)

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Reporting a power outage in Huy: Who do I contact if there is a power outage?

One thing is for sure: in most cases, a power outage isn’t considered an emergency. Only call the emergency numbers of the police or firefighters in an emergency. Instead, first try to see if the problem is only in your apartment, for example due to a blown fuse in your fuse box. If not, go to your energy company’s Incident Reporting page and report the incident there.

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Here you can access error information from your Avacon Netz network operator.

Opportunities and risks of the electricity network in the future

Germany’s electricity grid is one of the largest and most modern in the world and plays an important role in the transition to renewable energies. The Federal Ministry of Economics is working to make the energy grid suitable for the energy transition. This includes needs-based expansion of the power grid and continuous adaptation to the demands of the energy transition. Electric mobility also imposes new demands on the power grid. Distribution networks must become “smart” to cover the growing demand for electricity. The German Energy Agency (DENA) is working on concepts for the electricity grid of the future. The goal is to make the electricity grid more flexible and efficient and to facilitate the integration of renewable energies. The power grid is the backbone of a successful energy transition, and it is constantly evolving to meet the growing demands.

September 2003: Italy is still without electricity

Europe has so far been largely spared widespread disruptions to the power grid. Early in 2003, however, an incident in Italy made headlines. On a Sunday in September, the whole country was without electricity for several hours, including the Italian islands, a total of 56 million people were affected. Even rail and air traffic was temporarily paralyzed. Tens of thousands of commuters and travelers were stranded on Sunday at train stations and airports. Even 3 deaths due to power outages had to be recorded. Electricity came back on the same night. A breakdown in Switzerland, where a high-voltage line failed, was cited as the cause of the failure.

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