Thousands of people followed call campaign’s “Don’t extradite AssangeA human chain formed around the British Parliament yesterday demanding the release of the WikiLeaks founder. “No extradition to the US” and “Journalism is not a crime,” some of the protesters carried placards.

Australian wife Stella Assange, 51, who took part with her two young sons, called the demonstration. Stella Assange has urged the UK government to speak to US authorities to block an extradition request in 2019. “It has been like this for three and a half years now. It is a shame for the UK and the Biden government,” he alleged.

Representatives from several countries and Labor MPs Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell attended. “If we believe in free speech, if we believe in a democratic and free press, Julian Assange must be released from Belmarsh Prison,” the former Labor leader said.

Pictures by Magdalena Middlemist

Translated from the Italian by Reto Dumgar by the Presenza Voluntary Translation Group. We are looking for volunteers!