December 6, 2023

UK: Jumbo marshmallows are barbecue items, not candy - Panorama

UK: Jumbo marshmallows are barbecue items, not candy – Panorama

Like most things in life, marshmallows are a matter of thought. If you bite into them, are you really eating foam? Are these white cubes only palatable in certain situations, like a can of soup warmed up in a ski hut after three hours, or nachos at the cinema to feed the nerves during the most exciting action films?

Because it’s like this: whoever thinks of marshmallows thinks of a cozy landscape above all else. On a hot summer day, the air slowly cools, night falls and a small fire is good – in which you have sticks found in the undergrowth, in which, precisely, these foam-like parts are stuck. When they get a good flame from all sides, a caramel crust is created almost exclusively; Of course, the twist technique feels like one of three cases where marshmallows fall into fuel. So you turn around a bit, comment on the current overview, and maybe tell stories from your life.

A British court has recently ruledMarshmallows, especially those from wholesaler Innovate Bites, the American giant, are clearly classified as “barbecue food”, which is why the company can avoid a £470,000 (about €536,000) additional tax claim. From this campfire perspective, a marshmallow cannot be declared as 75 percent sugar content: ugly candy.

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