March 2, 2024

Harry is planning a strong return to Great Britain

Prince Harry turned his back on the Crown three years ago.Photo: Kate Green/Getty Images

the Royal family

Imke Gerets

Harry and Meghan built a new life in the USA. They now have two children and live away from the British Crown. Through their Archewell Foundation, they advocate for mental health, support charitable projects and work with streaming giant Netflix. But there have been repeated reports that Harry never made it to his adopted home.

He will miss his friends and family despite all the odds. In contrast to his wife, he behaved more cautiously in public appearances. One expert even said, according to a report in The Mirror, that this would show extreme discomfort. Unlike the previous actress, he avoids the cameras. It is now known what surprising plan Prince Harry has to follow now.

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Harry is said to be searching for the property

British “Yes!The magazine reported, citing a source That Harry was looking for a new home in Great Britain. As a reminder: the princely couple no longer has their former home at Frogmore Cottage. This is where they usually lived when they were in England. In February it was announced that King Charles had ordered them to vacate the property. They should have had time to do so by early summer.

He is now said to want a home again in Great Britain. The insider explained that the Duke of Sussex is taking this step because he wants to divide his time between the United Kingdom and the United States. The source said the 39-year-old's decision is causing tension between him and Meghan. She will love her life in the USA very much.

The insider said: “There is a disagreement between the spouses over this issue, but they will soon start looking for their own property near London.” And further: “Because of the problem with Frogmore Cottage, they will not ask the King for a property on the royal estate. Using a small apartment in Kensington Palace from time to time is not out of the question; But when it comes to a house in the UK, they will buy it themselves.” The initiative will come from the prince.

What should Meghan think about the plans?

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe also said it was not unlikely that Harry would regularly return to England without Meghan in the future. He had done this on various occasions in the past anyway. Duncan confirmed: “Meghan is not expected to want to spend much time in the UK. She has shown no signs of loving England in any way. She has given no indication that she wishes to return to the UK, even temporarily.”

However, according to the expert, it would make sense for them to have a base in England again. Their children, Lilibet and Archie, will play a special role in the decision. Duncan explained: “If they don't have a base here, Harry's children will grow up without knowing their cousins, uncles, aunts or other family members.” This would not be in the prince's interest.

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